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Quiz set Issa

Another mixture

Ritual of public penance of condemned heretics that took place following Spanish Inquisition deciding their punishment, and before their execution Auto-da-fe
Female US swimmer who won 200m breaststroke gold in 2008 and 2012 Rebecca Soni
Famous Czech cross-country steeplechase, first held in 1874 Velka pardubicka
International sports event organised by Soviet Union, originally held from 1928 to 1937, and later at Strahov Stadium (gymnastics events) in Prague from 1955 to 1990 Spartakiad
Written by Takao Saito since 1968, the oldest manga still in publication Golgo 13
Heaviest known bony fish Ocean sunfish (mola mola)
Four sons of Genghis Khan and Borte Jochi, Chagatai, Ogedei, Tolui
Spartan traitor at Battle of Thermopylae Ephialtes (of Trachis)
Real name of Marquis de Lafayette Gilbert du Motier
President of Somalia from 1969 to 1991 (overthrown) Siad Barre
Indian/Nepalese meal containing a selection of dishes with the flavours sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on a single platter Thali
Co-founders of The North Face and Esprit Douglas and Susie Tompkins
King of Joseon Dynasty from 1418 to 1450 Sejong the Great
Brazillian who was President of FIFA from 1974 to 1998 Joao de Havelange
Building in Basel that is the tallest in Switzerland Roche Tower
Magazine-type app founded in 2010 by Evan Doll and Mike McCue Flipboard
Fruit also called custard apple, and declared "the most delicious fruit known to man" by Mark Twain Cherimoya
Planet where Chewbacca comes from Kashyyyyk
Second king of Rome after Romulus Numa Pompilius
Ennio Morricone hit that is also an online community devoted to him Chi Mai
Hideous child actor in Love Actually Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Lake on border of North Macedonia and Albania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and very biodiverse Lake Ohrid
Dynasty founded by Saladin Ayyubid
Novel by Eudora Welty that won Pulitzer Prize in 1973 The Optimist's Daughter
President of Angola since 2017 Joao Lourenco (nicknamed JLo!)
1934 Soviet comedy film with score composed by Prokofiev - his first work for film Lieutenant Kije
Boxing punch that is also Filipino word for machete Bolo
Mughal artist, first to depict a dodo in colour Ustad Mansur
Stadium that has the Dawg Pound, area for passionate fans FirstEnergy Stadium (home stadium for Cleveland Browns)
Arabic word for "tremor" or "shaking", refers to Palestinian uprisings in West Bank and Gaza Strip against Israel Intifada
Meaning of OEM in computing industry Original Equipment Manufacturer
Indian mathematician who died in 1920 aged 32, known for postal partnership with Englishman GH Hardy Srinivasa Ramanujan
Original name of the NFL team Tennessee Titans (1960 to 1996) Houston Oilers
Only international airport in Bhutan Paro
Author of the Kalevala Elias Lonnrot
International women's football tournament held annually in USA since 2016 SheBelieves Cup
Composer of The Harmonious Blacksmith Handel
Austrian female skier, multiple world champion in 1970s and won Olympic gold in 1980 (downhill) Annemarie Moser-Proll
Medication nicknamed "milk of amnesia", marketed as Diprivan Propofol
Ivorian who was African Footballer of the Year from 2011-14 Yaya Toure
Egyptian who was African Footballer of the Year in 2017 and 2018 Mohamed Salah
Japanese game similar to croquet Gateball (getoboru)
Traditional Japanese undergarment for males, nowadays used at Hadaka Matsuri or sometimes as swimwear Fundoshi
Birth country of actor Oscar Isaac Guatemala
Scientific name for Venus fly trap Dionaea muscipula
City north of Delhi that hosted three battles in 1526, 1556 and 1761 Panipat
Father of Danish Painting Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg
Lake that connects Huron and Erie Lake St Clair
Creator of leather-clad secret agent Aeon Flux in 1995 Peter Chung
Only ancient Roman novel in Latin to survive in its entirety The Golden _Ass_ (aka The Metamorphoses of Apuleius) - by Apuleius
Created by: ischultz35
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