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IQuiz 1


South Korean boxer who died in 1982 fighting Ray Mancini, prompted change from 15 to 12 rounds Kim Duk-koo
Enemy of a dragon in medieval literature Ichneumon
Japanese wrestler known as Father of Puroresu, murdered in 1963 Rikidozan
Japanese word for someone with obsessive interests, eg anime or manga Otaku
Buddha's wife Yasodhara
Buddha's only son Rahula
Polish hammer thrower considered best female ever Anita Wlodarczyk
Cuban female hammer thrower, World Champion in 2001, 2003, 2005, Olympic gold in 2008 Yipsi Moreno
Wife of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Silvia
Wife of Philippe of Belgium Mathilde
Husband of Margrethe II of Denmark Henrik
Wife of Willem-Alexander of Netherlands Maxima
Wife of Harald V of Norway Sonja
Colours top to bottom of Armenia's flag Red, blue, orange (all horizontal)
Frenchman credited with discovery of greenhouse effect Joseph Fourier
Scottish chemist who discovered and named acid rain Robert Angus Smith
Island that is disputed between USA and Haiti Navassa Island
Dumpling dish that is national dish of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia Pierogi (or varenyky)
Nahuatl term for king or ruler Tlatoani
Last Aztec emperor, was executed by Cortes Cuauhtemoc
President of Algeria from 1999 to 2019 Abdelaziz Bouteflika
First President of Algeria (1963 to 1965) Ahmed Ben Bella
World's largest tropical forest national park - in northern Brazil Tumucumaque Mountains National Park
First Native American to receive electoral vote for US President (2016) Faith Spotted Eagle
Largest department of Paraguay Boqueron
Volcano that erupted in 1912 in Alaska Novarupta
Volcano in DR Congo described as Africa's most active Nyamuragira
Start and end point of Grand Canal in China Beijing, Hangzhou
Israel prize since 1978 given for agriculture, arts, chemistry, maths, medicine and physics Wolf Prizes
American prize since 1945 given in medical science, called America's Nobels Lasker Awards
A variety of brandy from Cyprus Zivania
The Three Great Gardens of Japan Kenroku-en, Kairaku-en, Koraku-en
World's biggest wholesale fish and seafood market Tsukiji Market, in Tokyo
Spanish holiday in which men dressed as the devil jump over babies El Salto del Colacho
Major Indian tyre manufacturer, Carla Bruni is heiress Ceat
Swedish village famous for ice hotel each year Jukkasjarvi
Composer of opera Ruslan and Lyudmila Mikhail Glinka
Ancient Hawaiian martial art of bone breaking and joint dislocation Lua (full name: Kapu Kuialua)
Finnish company known for their orange-handled scissors Fiskars
Famous plot against Nero in 65 AD Pisonian conspiracy (by a Roman Senator called Piso)
Name given to the study of ligaments Desmology
Computer program that "solved" draughts in 2007, ie. no human can ever beat it Chinook
Peruvian volcano that erupted in 1600, had massive effect on Earth's climate Huaynaputina
Swedish clogs, equivalent to Japanese geta Traskor
Second largest city of Oman Salalah
The largest of Oman's 11 governorates Dhofar
Polish composer (1933 - 2010) of Symphony of Sorrowful Songs Henryk Gorecki
Japanese inventor (and Ig Nobel Prize winner) of the karaoke machine Daisuke Inoue
Chinese badminton player and men's doubles legend - has fastest smash ever at 332km/h Fu Haifeng
Main square of Marrakesh Jemaa el-Fna
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