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SE Asia

Religion, People, and History of SE Asia

What was French Indochina? A colony in SE Asia colonized by France that included Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
Who was Confucius? A Chinese scholar born around 550 BC who created philosophy of Confucianism - believed key to peace and social order was for people to behave with good character and virtue (Golden Rule)
Which two religions believe in reincarnation? Hinduism and Buddhism
What is the caste system? System of social classes that are inherited and cannot be changed in Hinduism (4 main castes)
What things do Hinduism and Buddhism have in common? Reincarnation and karma
What is the main religion of Japan? Shinto
Why is Confucianism not considered a religion? It is a philosophy centering on keeping order through behaving with good character and virtue; relationships are important part of its teachings.
Who was Siddhartha Gautama? A young prince who created Buddhism in 500 BC; called "the Enlightened One" and said human suffering was due to greed and materialism
What are the Hindu books of rituals and hymns? Vedas or The Books of Knowledge
What happened at Pearl Harbor? Japanese attacked US Pacific Naval fleet in Hawaii on December 7, 1941 bringing US into WWII
What 2 major movements affected Asia after WWII and give examples of each. nationalism - India and French Indochina; communism - Vietnam and Korea
Who was the leader of Vietnam’s independence movement and what did he want? Ho Chi Minh wanted all of Vietnam to be communist.
Who do Hindus believe is the supreme spirit? Brahman
What was the Cold War? A war of words with no actual or direct fighting which began after WWII.
Why did the United States practice containment in Asia? They wanted to contain or stop the spread of communism to other countries in Asia.
What things are holy/sacred to Hindus? Animals/people all have souls; cows and the Ganges River are examples.
What do Hindus believe about reincarnation? When a person dies, his soul does not die. Instead the soul is reborn into the body of another person/animal --how a person lives determines what his next life will be (karma).
Who controlled Korean Peninsula in WWII? Japan
The belief that your actions in this life affect how you live in your next life is called ___________________ and is part of the ______________________ religion. karma; Hindu
What are the four main castes of Hinduism and who are the “casteless” people? Brahmins--priests/wisemen, Kshatriyas--warriors/rulers, Vaishyas--traders and farmers, Shudras--peasants/fieldworkers. Untouchables are removed from their caste because they broke caste rules; they are "unclean" (worst jobs)
What event ended WWII in Asia? bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan
Why was there never an election held in Vietnam to choose a government? US was worried the Vietnamese would choose Ho Chi Minh and communists so no elections were held.
Who was Buddha and what does this name mean? Siddhartha Gautama - "the Enlightened One"
What is the state of “perfect peace” called for Buddhists? Nirvana
Where is the “demilitarized zone”? Border between North and South Korea where no military equipment or people allowed within the border
What are the 2 main teachings that Buddhists should follow? Four Noble Truths - life brings pain, the Middle Way - Eight Fold Path (rules of conduct)
How did the United States become involved in the Vietnam conflict? In 1954, French decided to give up their fight to regain control so US stepped in (i.e. containment)
What does “kami” mean and which religion believes in the reverence of the “kami”? "Superior" --they are spirits that Shinto followers believe live in nature
What are the Confucian 5 basic relationships? 1. Ruler/subject 2. father/son 3. husband/wife 4. older brother/younger brother 5. friend/friend
How did Korea come to be divided into North and South? During WWII, Japan controlled Korean Peninsula. In 1950, Soviets invaded and U.S. entered S Korea (containment). A cease-fire was signed in 1953 but war never ended officially.
Why did the Vietnam war become “unpopular” in the United States? 58,000 US servicemen died; over 1 million civilians and soldiers died - still remained communist despite US involvement
Created by: darcymcfarlane
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