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affable couteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to.syn: genial amicable
aggrandize to increase in greatnes, power, wealth. bild up intensify.syn:augment, amplify
amorphous shapeless, without definite form. no particuar typesyn: formless,unstructed
aura that which surrounds; a distinctive air or personal qualitysyn: ambience
contraband illegal traffic, smuggle goods. illegalsyn: illicit, bootleg
erudite scholarly, learned bookish pedanticsyn: profoundly educated
gossamer thin light, insubtantialsyn:filmy, diaphanous
infer to find out by arrive at conclusion on the basis of thoughtsyn: gather hint deduce
inscrutable incapable of being understood impossible to see throughsyn: impenetrable incomprhensible
insular relating to, characteristics of, or situated on an island. narrow or isolatedsyn: narrow minded parochial
irrevocavle incapable of being changed or called back
propensity a natural inclination or predilection towardsyn: natural bent proclivity
querulous peevish complaining fretfulsyn: petulant touchy cranky
remonstrate to argue or plead with someone against something. protestsyn: reason against
repudiate to disown reject or deny validitysyn: disavow abjure
resilient able to return to an original shape or formsyn:springy elastic buoyant
scurrilous coarsely abusive, vulgar or low. foul mouthedsyn: obscene filthy
sedulous persistent showing industry and determinationsyn: assidous tireless
sleazy thin or flimsy in texture. cheap shoddy or inferior or qualitysyn: inferior cheesy tawdry
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