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Library Vocabulary

We use these words to describe things and places in the library

What is the title of the person who wrote the book? Author
What is found on bottom of the spine of the book Call number
Where do I find books that are true/for learning? Non fiction Neighborhood
In what neighborhood do I find picture books? Everyone
When a book is checked out and returned, this is called Circulation
What is the title of the person who draws the picture in a book? Illustrator
When an author and/or illustrator tells for whom they wrote the book, this is called Dedication
What Neighborhood do I find books to entertain me? Fiction Neighborhoodj
What are books that are mostly pictures called? Graphic Novels
What books stay in the library for research by anyone? Reference Collection
The part of the book that has the title, author and illustrator on it is the? Front cover
We use what digital library system in Stout Library? Destiny
The thing on the back cover that is scanned to check out and check in a book is called a? Barcode
Mrs. Van is the? Librarian
When I check out my book for another week, I am ? Renewing it
The place where I go to check out or check in my books is called the? Circulation Desk
In the beginning of a non-fiction book is the page with chapter titles and pages. This is called? Index
What is the mini dictionary at the end of a non-fiction book called? Glossary
Where do you find Fairy Tales in the library? 398.2
If I lose a book, what do I do? Talk with Mrs. Van and pay for it.
If my book gets ruined by a pet or little brother or sister, what do I do? Talk with Mrs. Van and pay for it.
Created by: MrsVan