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Baku's international airport? Heydar Aliyev
Bishkek's international airport? Manas
Kiev's international airport? Boryspil
Tbilisi's international airport? Shota Rustaveli
Tallinn's international airport? Lennart Meri
Yerevan's international airport? Zvartnots
Japanese film genre with giant monsters (eg Godzilla) Kaiju
Japanese film genre with special effects Tokusatsu
Japanese courtesans/prostitutes Oiran
Japanese period dramas (eg Rashomon) Jidaigeki
Japanese formal way of sitting Seiza
Another name for monkfish liver Ankimo
Japanese custom of enjoying flowers Hanami
A side dish to accompany rice Okazu
1st Japanese Nobel Laureate (Physics, 1949) Hideki Yukawa
National hero of Indonesia Diponegoro
1955 conference that led to creation of Non-Aligned Movement Bandung Conference
Official Indonesian philosophy, has five principles Pancasila
World's largest volcanic lake, had supermassive eruption 69-77000 years ago Lake Toba (on Sumatra)
Indonesian badminton player, won 1992 gold Rudy Hartono
Rebel group that did the Bali bombings Jemaah Islamiyah (JI)
Indonesian puppet theatre Wayang Kulit (or just Wayang)
Second largest city in Kyrgyzstan Osh
Second largest city in Azerbaijan Ganja
Second largest city in Armenia Gyumri
Second largest city in Tajikistan Khujand
Former name of Makassar (1971 - 99) Ujung Pandang
Major city state on Sumatra (650 - 1377) Srivijaya
Major empire based on or around Java (1293 - 1527) Majapahit
Indonesian female badminton player (1992 gold), one of the best ever Susi Susanti
National dog of Madagascar Coton De Tulear
Largest ethnic group of Madagascar and also name of the kingdom from 1540 to 1897 Merina
Bloodthirsty queen of Madagascar from 1828 to 1861 Ranavalona I
Forest in Madagascar home to Madame Berthe's mouse lemur (smallest primate) Kirindy Forest
Chief seaport of Madagascar Toamasina
Wrote national anthems of Libya, UAE and Tunisia Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Wrote national anthem of Vatican City Charles Gounod
Wrote national anthem of Germany Joseph Haydn
Officially first President of Philippines (1899 - 1901) Emilio Aguinaldo
In China, a courtyard surrounded by four houses Siheyuan
Traditional Chinese pancake-like snack food Fuling Jiabing
China's Silicon Valley Zhongguancun
Famous Beijing shopping street Wangfujing
Hong Kong singer and actor who committed suicide in 2003 Leslie Cheung
Father of Chinese rock Cui Jian
Japanese name for a paper crane Orizuru
Author of 1977 children's novel Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes Eleanor Coerr
Known as King Kazu, oldest footballer and goalscorer worldwide Kazuyoshi Miura
Most popular way of writing Japanese in English Hepburn romanization
Throne in Kyoto used for accession ceremonies Takamikura
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