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Stack #30197

governments and cultures

authoriatarian one person, or a group of people control(s) the country
demography the study of population and its growth
communism the state contols what you sell and what you make
acculturation adapting to that culture
democracy the people have contol
cultural hearth where a culture (starts) comes from
socialism the state and the people (a mix) decide (share the responsibilities of) what you sell and what you make
capitalist system (capitalism) the people contol what you sell and what you make
immigrant someone who comes into a country
urbanization the change from a small town to a big town
death rate number of people who die (per thousand people)
birth rate number of people who are born (per thousand people)
federal system two governments that control the country
sovereignty where the country has contol over itself
diffusion the spreading out of something
confederation smaller units (like the state) of the country that contol themselves. In other words, the states have power
population density the population of people per square mile or square kilometer
what is the concept of population growth? population growth is how the earth's population is rasing rapidly
what is zero population growth? where the birth rate and the death rate equal out
how many regions contain most of the population? What are they? 4 regions, Eastern North America, Europe, east asia, and south asia
what are population patterns? many people live in a certain 4 regions. among these region, most of the people live in the metropolitan (urban) cities.
what is the cultural hearth of eastern asia? China
What kind of government does Japan and great britain have? Unitary
What is the cultural hearth of the americas? Europe
how do people survive in different climates? they adapt
what are the 3 economic systems? socialism, communism, and capitalism
is it good or bad that the population is growing? opinion... optimistic, unoptimistic
Created by: Relk793