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An or A without or not
Brady slow
Dys bad, painful, difficult
Eu good, normal
Epi above, upon
Erythr/o red
Hyp-, Hypo- under, below, deficient
Macro large
Micro small
Neo new
Para near, beside, beyond
Peri around
Tachy rapid
Ortho straight
Pneumon/o lung
Melan black
Py(o) pus
Hyper excessive, above normal
Endo in, within
Inter between
Necr/o dead
Noct/o night
Cyan/o blue
Poly many, much
Mono one
Sub under
Hydro water
Olig/o scanty, few
Encephal brain
Dent teeth
Cyst bladder, sac
Hem/o-, Hemat- blood
My/o muscle
Nephr/o kidney
Orchi/o testis
Hepat liver
Chondro cartilage
Acr/o extremity
Aden/o gland
Rhin/o nose
Gastr/o stomach
Cardi/o heart
Dermat/o skin
Osteo bones
Gloss/o tongue
Blephar/o eyelid
Arteri/o artery
Lip/o fat
Thromb/o blood clot
Cheil/o lip
Arthr/o joint
Hyster/o uterus
Laryng/o voice box
Ot/o ear
Tympan/o eardrum
Hemi one half
Cholecyst/o gallbladder
Col/o colon
Thorac chest
Cerebr/o cerebrum
Salping/o tube
Glucos/o sugar
Pharyng/o throat
Phren/o diaphragm
Trache/o trachea
Bronch/o bronchi
Alveol/o alveoli
Pulmon/o lung
Pneum/o air/lung
Myc/o fungus
Pleur/o, (a) pleura (membrane surrounding the lungs)
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