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Sex Estimation

study guide

Sex Estimation Ability to estimate sex from skeletal remains depends on sexual dimorphism. (Skull and Pelvis) [no kids]
Ventral Arc (Pulling Pelvis Outward) [Front Arc] Male=none Female=present
Ischiopubic Ramus Ridge Male=wide and thick| Female=narrow and pinched
Subpubic Concavity/Angle Male=V-shaped and narrow| Female=U-shaped and wide
Obturator Foramen Male=oval| Female=triangular
Greater Sciatic Notch Male=narrow| Female=wide
Pelvic Inlet (Hole in Pelvis) Male=narrow and heartshaped| Female=wide and rounded
Sacrum Male=narrow and curved| Female= wide and straight
Superciliary Arch/Glabella (Eyebrow Ridge) Male=rounded and robust| Female=smoother and flatter
Supraorbital Margin (Eye Socket) Male=Rounded and thick| Female=pinched
External Occipital Protuberance/Nuchal Lines Male=Protruding and robust| Female=smooth and not protruding
Mastoid Process Male=wide| Female=narrow
Mental Eminence (Chin) Male=squared off with two points| Female=rounded with single point
Gonial Angle (Upper back jaw) Male=squared, flared out| Female= straight back
Created by: evaqua