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Forensic Anthropolog

study guide

Forensic Anthropology The application of the methods and theory of physical anthropology and archaelogy to legal matters
What we do Search and Recovery
What we do Analyze skeletal remains to establish biological profile of the individual
What we do Process remains if necessary
What we do Evaluation of trauma
What we do Species indentification
What we do Works with other forensic scientists to establish a positive ID for an individual
What we do Testifies in court
What we don't do Collect trace evidence
What we don't do Analyze ballistics or other weapon evidence
What we don't do Analyze blood splatter
What we don't do Run DNA tests
What we don't do Conduct autopsies
What we don't do Solve criminal cases
What we don't do Have a lot of high tech fancy equipment
What we don't do Have a turn-around time under 24 hours
What we don't do Wear designer outfits
What we don't do Carry guns
Biological Profile Sex, Age, Stature, Ancestry
Ancestry European, African, Asian/Native American
Antemortum Injuries Injuries before death, evidence of healing
Dental Work Unique characteristic to help identify
Surgical Implements Unique characteristic to help identify
Pathological condition Unique characteristic to help identify (diseases like syphilus)
Trauma At or around time of death
Sharp Force Trauma Knife wound
Blunt Force Trauma Blunt blaze it 420 pot smoke all day erryday
Projectile Trauma Gunshots
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