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General Osteology

General Osteology The study of the skeletal system
Functions of the Skeleton Support and movement
Functions of the Skeleton Protection for internal organs
Functions of the Skeleton Mineral and lipid storage
Functions of the Skeleton Blood cell formation and storage
Bone Biology Bone is a living dynamic tissue (protein and mineral)
Osteoblasts Bone forming cells
Osteoclasts Bone resorbing cells
Osteocytes Stable mature bone cells
Ossification The process of making bone
Intramembranous Ossification Bone develops within a tissue membrane (skull)
Endochondral Ossification Bone 'filling in' cartilege model
Compact (Cortical) Bone Thicker outer portion of bone
Spongy (Cancellous) Bone Fiberous inside w/ open spaces
Articular Cartilege Covers the ends of bones
Periosteum Thin membrane that protects bone from surrounding tissues
Endosteum Lines and protects the inside of the bone
Marrow Cavity Inside compact bone where marrow is held
Standard Anatomical Position Body w/ arms by side, palms forward
Region of Skeleton (Axial) Cranium, Thorax (ribs), Vertebral Column
Region of Skeleton (Appendicular) Pectoral and Pelvic (Shoulder and Hip), arms & legs
Region of Skeleton (Cranial) Everything to do with the head
Region of Skeleton (Postcranial) Everything below the head
Coronal Plane Seperates Front and Back
Midsagittal Plane Splits equally left and right
Transverse Plane Seperates Top and Bottom
Medial Towards the midline of the body
Lateral Away from the midline of the body
Anterior Front of the body
Posterior Back of the body
Superior Top and above
Inferior Bottom and below
Proximal Towards the trunk of the body
Distal Away from the trunk of the body
Mesial Towards anterior midline
Distal Towards back of the mouth
Labial What's touching your lips
Lingual What's touching the tongue
Buccal What touches the cheek
Incisal Biting edge of the incisors
Occlusal Chewing surface of molars
Foramen Hole or opening
Fossa Pit, depression, or cavity
Meatus A canal
Condyle Large, rounded articular process
Line A low, narrow ridge
Torus Prominent ridge/thickening of bone that doesn't peak at apex
Crest Projecting narrow ridge that peaks at apex
Process Projection of bone
Spine Long, thin, sharp projection
Tubercle Small, round projection of bone
Tuberosity Large, rough projection on bone
Facet Smooth, mostly flat surface within a joint
Fontanelles Soft spots - membrane space between cranial bones
Sutures Areas of articulation in cranial bones (where they meet)
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