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Quiz Unknowns 6

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Fibres of cotton are made almost entirely of which natural polymer? Cellulose
The herb sweet basil belongs to the family of flowering plants Lamiaceae, that is alternatively known by which name? Mint
When working with wood, a brace and bit is a hand tool used to do what? Bore holes
What was the name of the European Space Agency probe which crashed onto the surface of Mars in October 2016? Schiaparelli
An important function of which part of the body is the production of digestive enzymes by cells called acinar cells? Pancreas
“Doesn't have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to, isn’t he a bit like you and me?” are lyrics from which 1965 song? Nowhere Man
Which rock band was formed by a group of pupils from the public school Charterhouse? Genesis
What is the name of the 2017 posthumous album by Chuck Berry, which includes a sequel to his 1958 hit Johnny B. Goode entitled Lady B. Goode? Chuck
Hornbostel-Sachs is the name of a system used to classify what? Musical instruments
Who directed and starred as Shakespeare’s Falstaff in the 1965 film Chimes At Midnight? Orson Welles
Saint Kevin, whose feast day is June 3rd, is a patron saint of which city? Dublin
Who is the co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed? Jonah Peretti
What is the name of the 1897 battle in which 21 Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army held off over 10,000 Afghan tribesmen in a famous rear-guard action? Battle of Saragarhi
The Battle of Mirbat occurred in 1972 in which country? Oman
Which 1944 battle in which the Allies held back Japan from taking India is often referred to as the Stalingrad of the East? Battle of Kohima
Which children’s book begins with the line “The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day”? The Cat in the Hat
What title did Robert Graves give to his 1929 autobiographical work that recounted his experiences in World War I? Good-Bye To All That
What Latin name was given to the letter written by Oscar Wilde during his imprisonment in Reading Gaol to “Bosie” - Lord Alfred Douglas? De Profundis
“Deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth” - is a quote by which poet? Philip Larkin
How many Olympic gold medals has Mo Farah won? Four
Which England cricketer has been nicknamed Malfoy due to a perceived similarity to a character from the Harry Potter films? Stuart Broad
What does TUE stand for, as famously and controversially used by Bradley Wiggins in 2011 and 2012? Therapeutic Use Exemption
Anthony Watson typically plays in which position for the England rugby union team? Wing
Which Denver Broncos quarterback lost three times at the Super Bowl before finally triumphing on successive occasions in 1998 and 1999? John Elway
Which 2016 animated film was based on an original story by Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Evan Goldberg? Sausage Party
Which actor appears in the films Step Brothers, The Lego Movie and Daddy’s Home? Will Ferrell
Teddy Boys of the 1950s were named after what? The Edwardian era
Which politician married Kirsten Mehr in 1999? Nigel Farage
Which politician was forced to install iron shutters on their house after angry protesters had broken the windows? Duke of Wellington
The First International, an organisation which brought together left-wing and anarchist groups, was founded in 1864 in which city? London
Which term is used for a member of the United States electoral college who casts their vote for a different presidential candidate from whom they had pledged? Faithless elector
Johnny Marr became famous playing which instrument for The Smiths? Guitar
Which French word is used in cycling to refer to someone’s record of achievements in the sport? Palmares
In 1873, Tom Kydd became the first sportsman to receive which famous trophy? Claret Jug
Dong Dong from China won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in the men’s competition in which sport? Trampoline
The three mountain ranges called Matra, Tatra and Fatra are often said to be represented on the flag of which country? Slovakia
Which city is in a region once known as the Austrian Riviera? Trieste
Barra is a member of which Scottish island group? Outer Hebrides
Cambodia has a coastline on which gulf? Gulf of Thailand
In 1861, which Scottish scientist made the first public demonstration of a colour photograph produced using a three-colour process? James Clerk Maxwell
Which author’s 1879 book The Red Room has been described as the first modern novel in his native country’s literature? August Strindberg
Which medical condition, whose name is derived from the Greek for “bad” and “doing”, affects coordination and dexterity? Dyspraxia
Who was the lead singer of the 1980s pop group Japan? David Sylvian
Who was the lead singer of Echo & The Bunnymen? Ian McCulloch
Kings of Leon hail from which US state? Tennessee
What is used to perform the US composer Steve Reich’s 1966 piece Come Out? Tape recorders
The Brain river flows through which English county? Essex
Shepton Mallet is a market town in which traditional English county? Somerset
The Oregon Treaty of 1846 brought to an end a dispute between the US and which other country? Great Britain
What name was given to the English Parliament from 1661 to 1679? Cavalier Parliament
According to FIFA rules, what is the maximum length of a senior professional level football pitch touchline? 130 yards
The Iron is the nickname of which English football team that plays home matches at Glanford Park? Scunthorpe United
In 1990, the Scottish athlete Tom McKean won the gold medal at both the indoor and outdoor European Championships in which event? 800m
Announced in late 2016, the route of the 2017 Tour de France was notable for having only 36km of what? Individual time trials
Which country does the tennis player Carla Suarez Navarro play for? Spain
In the phrase “In one’s best bib and tucker”, meaning looking at one’s most presentable, the tucker is a piece of decorative lace worn where? At the neckline
The reddish giant star Aldebaran is said to represent which part of the bull’s anatomy in the constellation of Taurus? Eye
Willemstad is the capital of which Caribbean island? Curacao
Taken from the name of their commanding officer, which country’s troops were known during World War I as Byng Boys? Canada
The orbicularis oculi is a muscle in the human body that performs what function? Closes the eyelid
Which symbol is conventionally used to refer to the atomic number of an element? Z
To which continent is Apis dorsata, sometimes known as the giant honey bee, native? Asia
Who provides the voice for the tree-like creature Groot in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy? Vin Diesel
Which character in Dad’s Army is constantly referred to by Private Pike as “Uncle Arthur”? Sergeant Wilson
Who played the role of William Shakespeare in the TV comedy series Upstart Crow? David Mitchell
Who directed the 2015 TV series Wolf Hall? Peter Kosminsky
What is the literal translation of “kopytka”, the name for a type of Polish dumpling? Little hooves
In which Italian region is the wine grape called Primitivo grown? Puglia
What is the process of putting forward a question or motion in parliament officially called? Tabling
The Halloween Massacre was the term used to describe the reorganisation of which US President’s cabinet? Gerald Ford
On which date is the feast of St George? April 23rd
In 1973, See My Baby Jive became the first UK Number 1 for which group? Wizzard
Jesse Lingard made his senior debut for England in which sport in October 2016? Football
What is the British Army’s equivalent of the Royal Navy’s rank of Rear Admiral? Major General
In 2016, whom did the Oxford University press credit with being the co-writer of three Shakespeare plays? Christopher Marlowe
Amarillo Slim Preston, Doyle Brunson and Stu Ungar have all claimed the title of world champion at which card game? Poker
In the USA, the day in November when women can propose marriage to men is named after which character from a cartoon? Sadie Hawkins
What was the approximate population of Wales at the 2011 census? 3 million
Mar de Hoces is an alternative name for which body of water? Drake Passage
The Cerne Abbas Giant is a figure cut into a hillside in which county? Dorset
What is the most populated town of the Shetland Islands? Lerwick
In January 2016, Nick Brett became an indoor world champion in which sport by beating Robert Paxton? Bowls
The Hawk-Eye ball tracking system was first used in cricket broadcasting in what year? 2001
What is the name of Middlesbrough FC’s home ground? Riverside Stadium
What is the name of Watford FC’s home ground? Vicarage Road
What was the first Patricia Cornwell novel to feature the character Kay Scarpetta? Postmortem
The US artist Ad Reinhardt’s work is most commonly associated with which art movement? Abstract expressionism
What was the name of the bemusement park created by the artist Banksy and opened in Weston-Super-Mare in 2015? Dismaland
The Heavy Entertainment Show is a 2016 album by which singer? Robbie Williams
The 20th century piano virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein was born in a city that is now part of which country? Poland
In the TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses, what was the name of Boycie’s wife? Marlene
Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record for the first time in which decade? 1920s
Samuel Morse’s famous 1844 telegraph message was sent on a line connecting which two cities? Washington DC, Baltimore
What is the traditional starting point for the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run? Hyde Park
Which British actor was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016? Hugh Laurie
Who played the intelligence officer Angela Burr in the 2016 TV series The Night Manager? Olivia Colman
Who directed the 2016 film Nocturnal Animals? Tom Ford
Which 1980s sci-fi film was set largely on a planet called LV-426? Aliens
Created by: ischultz35
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