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Digital Literacy

Vocab over Digital Literacy for Students and Educators

“Interlational” Communication Communication across social distances
VR Virtual Reality - the online or digital sphere
RL Real Life - The physical world
Disclosure Policy The policies websites and apps have about sharing your personal information.
Listserv Subscription email lists about certain topics.
Constructive Discourse Written or spoken debate that focuses on exploring questions and motivations rather than hurting others.
Conditional Trust Trust others, but don't blindly follow what they say. Verify with others on the site.
Flame Berating someone with words, often done in anger.
Burn note A message that is erased after a set period of time.
Digital Citizen Someone who navigates the possibilities and pitfalls of the digital world safely, responsibly, and respectfully.
Digital Literacy The skills for using technology competently, including interpreting and understanding digital content and assessing its credibility as well as creating, researching, and communicating with appropriate tools.
E-Learning A web-based learning environment that allows instructors and students to interact through the computer without worrying about time or place; capitalizes on the current "anytime, anywhere" notion of learning.
Created by: tyndallb