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Ancient Egypt Review

Geography of the Nile River and Egypt Review

The Nile is longest river in ________ The World
The Nile is ___________ miles long. 4145 miles
The Nile river flows (south, east, north, west)? North
The Nile flows into the ______________ sea. Mediterranean sea
The Nile begins as two separate rivers called the __________________________. Blue and White Nile
Upper Egypt is located______________ of Memphis south
land at the mouth of a river that is formed by mud and sand is a ___________. Delta
Who called Egypt the Gift of the Nile? Herodotus
What are the Gifts of the Nile? Papyrus and Silt
_________ recharged the soil and allowed Farmers to grow a surplus of crops. Silt
Silt was deposited on farm land by flooding
What is a natural boundry? Natural land forms (river, waterfall, ocean, mountains...) that make travel difficult.
The Nile has 6 cataracts. What is a cataract? rapids,and waterfalls. Catarats made transportation difficult in some areas of the Nile.
What sea is located east of the Nile? The Red Sea
The ______________ desert is located in Egypt. The Sahara Desert
The process of building people channels to carry water into fields is _________? Irrigation
A __________ was an important irrigation tool Shaduff
Pharaoh meant Great House
Kings were called Pharaohs
The first Pharaoh was Menes/Narmer
The first empire was created in Egypt by uniting Upper and Lower Egypt. Hw united upper and lower Egypt? Who united upper and lower Egypt? Menes/Narmer
The first female Pharaoh in Egypt was? Hatshepsut
A Government ruled by one. They ruled with divine power (power from god) Monarchy
The Pharaoh was treated as a living god
The First Pyramid was the Step pyramid
The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are located Giza
A natural salt used to dry the body Natron
All the vital organs were stored in 4 containers carved to represent 4 gods. Canopic Jars
The personality of the deceased. The __ could leave the body and travel to the heavens. The __ needed to be able to recognize its body Ba
Invisible twin of the deceased. The soul. Needed food and water to live. Did not leave the tomb. Ka
What was the book of the Dead? The Book of the Dead was a description of the ancient Egyptian afterlife and a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions to allow the deceased to pass into the afterlife.
Feather of truth, justice Maat
God of mummification Anubis
The god of writing and knowledge Thoth
God of the Dead Lord of the Underworld Osiris
Someone who rules for a child until child is old enough to rule Regent
A series of rulers from the same family Dynasty
Belief in many gods Polytheism
Who found King Tuts tomb? Howard Carter in 1922.
What was so remarkable about the discovery of King Tut's tomb? It was intact and filled with wonderful things.
What was Egyptian writing called? Hieroglyphics
Egyptian paper made from the inside of a plant Papyrus
There are over ______ different hieroglyphic symbols 600
Cartouche was a A twisted double loop of rope tied at one end.Names of pharaohs and important leaders were written inside a cartouche.
A black stone that had a document inscribed in Greek, Hieroglyphic and Demotic that was used to help unlock the secrects of Hieroglyphics. Rosetta stone
Who found the Rosetta stone? In 1799, Napoleon's troops found a black stone in Rosetta, Egypt.
Who figured out the complicated translation in 1820 Jean Francois Champollion
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