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Tertiary Activities


What is the definition of the term tertiary activities? teriary economic activities invovles the provision of services rather then production of goods
explain the term black economy one problem india experiences is he development of an informal sector. The black economy thrives as a result of poverty of most the population. peopke work as unlicensed street vendors and shoeshine boys. the informal sector can also have a dangerous side
What is the fastest growing economic centre in India? tourism is the fastest growing economic sector in india . In 2014 nearly 7 million people visited the region, up from 3 millionin 2003. nearly 18'000 of these were from ireland
How much is the tourism sector worth in india? the tourist sector in india is worth 5 billion ( 314.5 billion rupees)
What percentage of the workforce is directly involved in this sector 23% of the work force is directly involved in this sector. investment in this sector is seen as vital. it will help to reduce regional differences in income levels, infrastructure and education
What areas of india could attract tourists? Tourists are attracted to the region because of the Himalayan mountains and the world renowned temples and historic buildings such as the taj mahal
What limits international tourism in the region International tourism is limited in the region because many people are discouraged from visiting due to the level of poverty. The government has tried to overcome this by introducing standards of cleanliness and hospitality in the region
Created by: Laura_obrien123
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