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review for SOL 5.2

Sound travels most quickly through a solid
Which musical instrument would most likely make the highest pitched sound? a violin
Which musical instrument which would most likely make the lowest pitched sound. bass drum
the number of sound wavelength in a given time frequency
this occurs when matter moves back and forth vibration
this is the rate of speed at which vibrations are produced? This rate determines how high or low the sound will be? pitch
this is the level of loudness or intensity of a sound volumne
A guitar player has tightened a string on her guitar. What effect will this have on the sound when this string is played? The pitch of the string will be higher.
A student shouts down a well and hears an echo. What causes the echo? Sound is reflected from a surface.
Humans and animals, such as bats, hear sounds differently. Which statement is true when comparing human hearing and animal hearing? Animals can hear sounds at higher frequencies than humans.
Which of the following statements correctly explains how humans make and hear sounds compared to how other animals, such as dogs, bats, and whales, make and hear sounds. Humans cannot hear all of the same sound frequencies as animals. Humans cannot make all of the same sound frequencies as animals.
Which example includes compression waves? A drummer practicing on his drum set
Sonar helps people find which information about an object? Location
Created by: carolyn_harlow