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Procedures lll

Pediatrics Imaging

What age is pediatrics? 0-6yrs
What is pediatrics? Branch of medicine dealing with medical care of infants, children, and adolescents
What is the difference is between adult and pediatric cases? Immobilization techniques and and communication skills and technical factors
Are children considered small adults? No
True or false children should be approached at their eye level? Yes
Should a radiographer speak directly to the parent or the child? If the child is old enough to comprehend speak directly to the child
What distraction techniques can be used when working with children? Ask about school sports siblings popular cartoon shows music
Name to the mobilization devices commonly used for pediatrics? Pig O stat and papoose board
What are some other forms of the demobilization tools for pediatrics? Tape sheets towels sandbags sponges
What is another name for Papoose? Mummifying
What are the major classifications of child abuse? Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment
If the radiographer suspects child support should it be reported? yes
Who should the radiographer report suspected child abuse to? The radiologist for the attending
What is shaking infant syndrome? Child is held around chest and violently shaking back-and-forth this causes extremities and head to flat out back and forth in a whip lash movement
Should a grid be used with pediatric patients? no
how should the technique be adjusted for pediatrics ________________kVp to ________________mAs increase , decrease
What steps should the radiography or take before the patient is bright and the room? immobilization and shielding devices should be in place, I our an marker should be in place, technique should be set, projection should be determined,
What is the greatest danger to a premature infant? Hypothermia
What are the two types of isolates? Enclosed with portholes, open bed movable open head number
How can you get a deep breath with a pediatric patient Wait for the end of a crying child will gasp synchronize your breathing with a child's, watch the abdomen extend on inspiration Watch the chest wall's rise and fall of sternum
Where is the CR on AP or PA Chest pediatric projections CR to mid thorax mammillary line
Where is the CR on the lateral chest physician for pediatrics CR to mid coronal plane at Mammillary line
Where is the CR for AP abdomen KUB on pediatrics? 1" above umbilicus
Where is the CR for AP erect abdomen? 1" above umbilicus
What is the CR for Abdomen lateral decubitus on pediatrics, and in what direction is the beam The CR is 1" above umbilicus the beam is horizontal
What is the CR for abdomen dorsal decubitus on pediatrics, and in what direction is the beam The CR is 1" above umbilicus the beam is horizontal
What body part is used to evaluate degree of skeletal maturity in pediatrics? Left hand and wrist
Why is a bone age study done on pediatrics? Determine skeletal age versus chronological age
Where would an aspirated foreign body be found Lodged in the larynx or trachea
What age is aspirated foreign bodies most common in Six months to three years old
What projections would be done if aspirated forgein body was of interest AP lateral soft tissue neck P A chest taken on inspiration and expiration, used to check if object lives in bronchus
Define scoliosis Presence of one or more lateral rotary curvature of the spine
What is the SID for scoliosis 6Ft or 72"
Why is the PA taken on scoliosis Save radiation exposure by 95%
should breast Shields be used on both male and female patients? yes
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