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LEACH CF Animations

LEACH CYBER FOUNDATIONS 2 UINT 3: Animations and Games

Bug Part of a program that does not work correctly.
Debugging Finding and fixing problems in an algorithm or program.
Program An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.
Parameter An extra piece of information passed to a function to customize it for a specific need
Variable A placeholder for a piece of information that can change.
Property Attributes that describe an object's characteristics
Sprite A graphic character on the screen with properties that describe its location, movement, and look.
Animation a series of images that create the illusion of motion by being shown rapidly one after the other
Frame a single image within an animation
Frame Rate the rate at which frames in an animation are shown, typically measured in frames per second
Expression Any valid unit of code that resolves to a value.
Conditionals Statements that only run under certain conditions.
Abstraction a simplified representation of something more complex. Abstractions allow you to hide details to help you manage complexity, focus on relevant concepts, and reason about problems at a higher level.
If-Statement The common programming structure that implements "conditional statements".
Function A named group of programming instructions. Functions are reusable abstractions that reduce the complexity of writing and maintaining programs.
Boolean Expression in programming, an expression that evaluates to True or False.
Created by: CoachLeach
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