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secondary activities


What percentage of the workforce in India are employed in the secondary sector? 17%
How was the manufacturing industry in India underdeveloped ? India gained its independence in 1947. industry was underdeveloped during this time , with only 2% of the population employed in manufacturing. traditionally India was involved in food processing, such as tea production.
What percentage of India exports does tea production make up? 13% and a further 30% is made up of textiles and clothing.
Where is the main location for iron iron and steel manufacturing in India? Kolkata in the north of the region is the main location for iron and steel manufacturing as it is close to the largest source of coal and iron ore in India
where is the TaTa iron and steel company located? it is located in Bihar in northern India. India is the tenth largest steel producer in the world and is he lowest consumer of steel per capita
Briefly describe indias workforce? The region has a well-educated low-cost workforce
explain the term black economy one problem india experiences is he development of an informal sector. The black economy thrives as a result of poverty of most the population. peopke work as unlicensed street vendors and shoeshine boys. the informal sector can also have a dangerous side
What country is one of indias main trading partners america
what percentage of Indian college graduates have degrees in engineering or science 40% India now produces more university graduates then the USA and Canada combined. salaries of well educated graduates can be as little as one tenth that of american graduates
Created by: Laura_obrien123