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Ch 12 Bontrager

more Upper GI

the gallbladder is located in the _____ margin of the liver. Anterior Inferior
Which of the following is not a recognized lobe of the liver? A) Caudate B) Quadrate C) Inferior D) Left C) Inferior
In which quadrant is the liver located in the sthenic patient? Right Upper Quadrant
What is the name of the soft tissue structure that divides the liver into right and left lobes? Falciform ligament
What is the primary function of bile? aid in digestion (emulsification) of fats
The union of the left and right hepatic ducts form which duct? common hepatic duct
Which duct carries bile from the cystic duct to the duodenum? common bile duct
What is the capacity of the average adult gallbladder? 30-40 mL of bile
What process leads to a concentration of bile within the gallbladder? Hydrolysis p 447
Which hormone leads to a contraction of the gallbladder to release bile? CCK - cholecystokinin
What is another name for pancreatic duct? Duct of Wirsung
Describe the fundus of the gallbladder. The broadest portion of gallbladder
Describe the hepatopancreatic ampulla. Enlarged chamber in distal aspect of common bile duct
What is the spiral valve? Series of mucosal folds in cystic duct
What is the hepatopancreatic sphincter? Circular muscle fibers adjacent to duodenal papilla
Describe the duodenal papilla. A protrusion into the duodenum
What is the cystic duct? Duct connected directly to the gallbladder
Describe the neck of the gallbladder. the narrowest portion of the gallbladder
Describe the body of the gallbladder. the middle aspect of the gallbladder.
What is the full name for an OCG? oral cholecystogram
What is the term describing the condition of having gallstones? Cholelithiasis
Which of the following is not a function of the GI system? A) intake/digestion of food B) Absorption of nutrients C) Production of hormones D) Elimination of waste products production of hormones
What is another term for esophagogram? Barium swallow study
Name the three salivary glands. Submandibular, sublingual, parotid
What is the name of the condition from a viral infection of the parotid gland? Mumps
Which structure in the pharynx prevents food and fluid from entering the trachea? A) Uvula B) Epiglottis C) Soft palate D) Laryngopharynx B) epiglottis
The esophagus extends from C5-6 to _____. T11
Which structures pass through the diaphragm? Esophagus, Aorta, Inferior vena cava
Wavelike involuntary contractions that help propel food down the esophagus are called _____. Peristalsis
the greek term GASTER or GASTRO means.... Stomach
Which of the following aspects of the stomach is defined as an indentation between the body and pylorus? A) cardiac antrum B) Pyloric antrum C) cardiac notch (incisura cardiaca) D) Angular notch (incisura angularis) D) Angular notch
TRUE/FALSE The numerous mucosal folds found in the small bowel are called rugae. FALSE - in the stomach
Which aspect of the stomach fills with air when the patient is prone during a double contrast UGI? FUNDUS
TRUE/FALSE the lateral margin of the stomach is called the lesser curvature FALSE -The lateral margin is the GREATER CURVATURE
to which aspect of the stomach does the barium migrate when the patient is supine? FUNDUS
Which two structures create the romance of the abdomen? C loop of duodenum and head of pancreas
Describe the pyloric orifice. the opening leaving the stomach
Describe the cardiac notch found along the superior aspect of fundus
Describe the fundus most posterior aspect of stomach
Describe the fourth portion of the duodenum ascending portion of duodenum
what's the name for the mucosal folds of the stomach Rugae
Describe the body of the stomach The middle aspect of the stomach
Describe the esphagogastric junction Opening between the esophagus and the stomach
Describe the angular notch Found along the superior portion of the pylorus, also known as angulara incisura
Describe the third portion of the duodenum Horizontal portion of duodenum
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