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Irish regions

Chapter 21: Secondary activities in irish regions

Name the factors influencing manufacturing in the west. 1. Infrastructure 2. Labor Force 3. Traditional Industries 4. Government Intervention
Explain Infrastructure. The Infrastructure of the west ism poorly developed and lacks the needed investment. Its upland terrain and poor drainage makes the development of modern road and rail links both difficult and expensive. the region is serviced by only one motorway {M6}
Explain Labor Force. The west has low population density of just 25 per km.Only 30% of the west's population lives in urban areas.Galway City is the largest urban centre {70,000 in population}. A lack of urban centres mean MNCs find it difficult to choose a location where the
Explain Traditional Industries. Outside of Galway, industries tend to be labor intensive and on a much smaller scale. Labor-intensive jobs are prone to job losses due to rationalization and mechanization. The collapse of the construction sector since the 2008 recession is an example of
Explain Government Intervention. Government intervention has greatly influenced industry in the west region.In the 1930s, the Irish government introduced legislation to protect domestic industry from foreign competition. This discouraged foreign companies from seting up in Ireland.{Parti
Define Indirect Jobs. Jobs created to provide additional services to existing business sectors eg. hotels, restaurants and B&B's are examples of indirect employment from tourism; also known as spin-off jobs
Give an example of industries in the West. Galway City has many advantages for manufacturing such as: 1. A population of over 75,000, providing a large labor pool and a local market. 2. Developed transport links eg.M6, railways,airport. 3. A university (NUIG) with nearly 20,000 students (educated)
Define domestic Industry. An industry which develops in that country, also known as 'home-grown industry'.
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