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Primary in West

Primary Economic Activities in the GDA

Explain how agriculture has affected primary economic activities in the West of Ireland. Agriculture is vital to economic growth in the West, with 13.6% of region's population earning from farming . -Only 0.5% of productive farms in West used for growing cereals. -72.8% of land used for pastoral farming. -
Describe the economic disadvantage of older farmers on farms in Western region. Older farmers are reluctant to spend money to modernize their farms, this leads to abandonment of farms as younger family members are reluctant to take over farming the land.
Explain why agriculture on the West is generally non-profitable. As it is highly subsidized by the EU , with grants as Direct Payments issued each year. Without these payments, farming in the West would decline rapidly, as only 14% of faerms are economically viable without them.
Give 2 examples of changing farming practices . Farms are becoming multi functional, eg: Farmhouses are used for bed and breakfast and they make craft foods, eg: Jams and Baking
Name the plan the Irish Government aims to increase the area of Irish land covered by forestry and by how much. Under the National Development Plan, the Government aims to cover Irish land by 15% of forestry.
Explain the term 'Marginal Land' and give examples of some. Marginal Land is unproductive agricultural land and an example is in the Western Region of Ireland
Describe the climate in the very exposed upland areas in the West. The area does not allow for afforestation due to cold temperatures , but many parts of the region are suitable for planting forest because; A mild, wet climate and long growing season favour the rapid growth of coniferous trees, eg: Skita Spruce.
Explain the term Aquaculture. The farming of aquatic animals and plants.
Describe the suitability of fishing in the West of Ireland Fishing in the West is suitable for the development of a strong fishing industry.
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