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RADT 465

Image Production

Magnification factor= input phosphor 1/ input phosphor 2
Magnification factor= SID/SOD
Magnification factor= image size/object size
Minification factor= input squared/output phosphor squared
Flux gain= output size/input size
Brightness gain= minification factor x flux gain
Increase kVp by 15%, _____ the mAs by 2. divide
Percentage of magnification= image size-object size/object size x100
Unsharpness formula= filament size x OID/SOD
Single phase generator= 1 multiplier
Three phase six pulse generator= 1.35 multiplier
Three phase 12 pulse generator= 1.41 multiplier
decrease in exposure over the entire image off center
decrease in exposure over the entire image off level
periphery of image will be lighter off focus
This will only show a portion of the image and the periphery of the image will be completed white inverted/upside down grid
This allows for images to fall within an acceptable range on a mixed/ diverse population of patients AEC
incoming electron slows down around the nucleus in the target atom Bremsstrahlung interaction
incoming electron interacts with an inner shell electron in the target atom Characteristic interaction
With a three phase, six pulse generator, there is a _____ voltage ripple 13-14%
With a three phase, 12 pulse generator, there is a ______ voltage ripple 3-4%
There are ____ cycles of sinusoidal wavelengths per 1 sec in the United States 60
controlled by kV, energy, penetrability of the beam quality
controlled by mAs, amount of photons, rate of exposure quantity
radiation that exits from the tube permanent
radiation that exits from the patient remnant
What are the fundamental properties? heterogenous, polyenergetic, travels at the speed of light, ionizing, no mAs, high frequency, low wavelengths, EMS spectrum
As frequency increases, wavelength _____ and energy _____. decreases, increases
As filtration increases, scatter ____ and contract ____. increases, deacreases
As beam restriction increases, field size ____, scatter ____, and contrast ____. decreases, decreases, increases
Do you want a high or low scale of contrast? high
If you increase kVp, then scatter will ____. increase
As OID increases, scatter _____, SID _____, and contrast ____. decrease, increase, increase
As DQE goes up, the patient dose goes ____. down
If you have a higher DQE, will you use more or less technique? less
Exposure index is _____ proportional to the exposure of the image receptor. directly
S-number is ______ proportional to exposure of the image receptor. inversely
If you double the distance, the intensity at the image receptor will be _____ by a factor of ____. decreased, 4
A 14x17 field size has a multiplier of ____. 1
A 10x12 field size has a multiplier of _____. 1.25
A 8x10 or 9x9 field size has a multiplier of _____. 1.40
A change in field size affects both ____ and _____. density and contrast
As the target angle increases, then the effective focal spot _____. increases
Supplies alternating current to the circuit AC supply
Connects external power supply to the x-ray circuit unit master wall switch
The first meter that will read the incoming line voltage and will work with the line voltage compensator. line voltage meter
Has to have the alternating current in order to work, helps with getting a precise 220 volts, only has one winding, and runs on self-induction autotransformer
calculates an estimate of what the kVp outcome will be pre-reading kV meter
closes the circuit, which makes the x-rays fire exposure switch
controls the duration of the exposure exposure timer circuit
regulates the amperage going to the filament circuit mA selector
changes the alternating current into direct currect diodes for rectification
rectification from the alternating current to the direct current happens on the secondary side high voltage side (secondary side)
receives remnant radiation that exits out of the patient and converts it to an electrical signal radiation detector technology
this should never be set more than 150% of the anticipated exposure back-up timer
this is set by mAs, it is a safety mechanism back-up timer
increase or decrease the amount of radiation received based on the patient size adjustment. density adjustment
Created by: MariahKesterson