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GMAT Verbal

Sentence Correction

In subject-verb agreement, the subject must agree with the verb both in ______ and in ______. Number (singular/plural); Person (we, you, he, she, they)
When one puts an intervening phrase (ex: prepositional phrase) between the subject and the verb, _____________. Don't worry about phrase
Ned Stark becoming the Hand of the King _______ (try) to handle King's Landing's growing debt. tries
Anakin and Ob-Wan although the space battle is crowded _______ (try) to avoid cannon fire to reach General Grievous's ship: The Invisible Hand. try
Robb who was the proclaimed the King of the North _________ (fight) the Lannisters in the Westerlands. fights
The emperor and the general during the civil war _______ (fight) the rebels in the countryside. fight
Ham and cheese _____ (is/are) my favorite breakfast. is
Jerry and Roger _______ (is/are) accountants in KPMG. are
Robb Stark, along with his army and the Tullys, ________ (march) to the Twins to apologize to Walder Frey. marches
When the words in the subject position are connected by either.....or or neither......nor, the verb agrees with the ______ word in the pair. last
Neither Jon Snow nor Samwell Tarly _______ (is) a wilding. is
Either Joffrey Baratheon or the Kinsguards ______ (mess) with Ser Pounce. mess
Towering over the crowd _______ Gregor(the Mountain) and Sandor (the Hound) Clegane. are
Whether his army should march south ___ (are) a difficult decision for Robb. is
Simple present (an action happening now) - I am
Simple past (An action that happened at a specified time in the past) - I was
Simple future (Used for an action will happen in the future) - I will
Past perfect (Used for an action that happened before another past action) - I had been
Present perfect (Used for an action that started in the past but is still continuing now) - I have been
Although the War of the Five Kings was over, the Lannisters have been hostile toward the Starks now. This verb is an example of...... Present perfect
Before the Jedi left to Palpatine's office, Mace Windu had dropped his lightsaber. This verb is an example of...... Past perfect
Sansa Stark shows to Cersei her presents, which _________ (show) the sign of the wolf beating up a lion. show
Before the Boltons heads to Winterfell next week, they will have taken Moat Cailin. This verb is an example of ____. Future perfect
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