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Common Aiports

BOM Mumbai, India
YHZ Halifax NS, CA
ORD Chicago O'Hare, US
JFK New York JFK, US
WLG Wellington, NZ
CMB Colombo, Sri Lanka
WAW Warsaw, Poland
MEL Melbourne, Australia
EDI Edinburgh, UK
MYY Miri, MY
LIS Lisbon, Portugal
ADL Adelaide, AU
FCO Rome Fiumicino, Italy
BZE Belize City, Belize
DRW Darwin, AU
CAI Cairo, Egypt
HBA Hobart, AU
GLA Glasgow, UK
OOL Gold Coast, AU
CPT Cape town, SA
ABZ Aberdeen, UK
PNH Phnom Penh, Cambodia
GUA Guatemala City, Guatemala
JNB Johannesburg, SA
POM Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
HRB Harbin, China
KTM Kathmandu, Nepal
BLR Bengaluru, India
MOW Moscow, Russia
PRG Prague, Czech Republic
SCL Santiago, Chile
OSL Oslo, Norway
TLV Tel Aviv, Israel
KBP Point Baker, AK
NBO Nairobi Kenyatta, Kenya
TBS Tbilisi, Georgia
IST Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey
CUN Cancun, Mexico
ZRH Zurich, Switzerland
HNL Honolulu, Hawaii
DOH Doha, Qatar
PEK Beijing, China
RGN Yangon, Myanmar
BOG Bogota, Columbia
VTE Vienna, Austria
PUS Busan, South Korea
ATH Athen, Greece
SFO San Francisco, CA, US
SIN Singapore. Singapore
HND Tokyo Haneda, Japan
IAD Washington Dulles, DC
CGK Jakarta Soekarno, Indonesia
DXB Dubai, UAE
HEL Helsinki Vantaa, Finland
FRA Frankfurt, Germany
DPS Denpasar Bali, Indonesia
SYD Sydney, Australia
YVR Vancouver BC, Canada
STO Stockholm, Sweden
LON London, UK
DEL New Delhi, India
HAN Hanoi, Vietnam
PVG Shanghai Pudong, China
AKL Auckland, NZ
YTO Toronto ON, CA
BKK Bangkok, Thailand
YUL Montreal Trudeau, CA
AUH Abu Dhabi International, UA
DUB Dublin, Ireland
YGC Grande Cache, CA
NRT Narita, Japan
SJO San Jose, Costa Rica
YOW Ottawa ON, CA
PEK Beijing, China
CPH Copenhagen, Denmark
BUE Buenos Aires, Argentina
GIG Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
NGO Nagoya, Japan
GRU Sao Paulo Guarulh, Brazil
KUL Kuala Lumpur, MY
BNE Brisbane, AU
LIM Lima, Peru
DUS Dusseldorf, Germany
CBR Canberra, AU
SYD Sydney, AU
AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
MAD Madrid, Spain
SGN Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam
HYD Hyderabad, India
YEG Edmonton, CA
HKG Hong Kong, Hong Kong
TCL Tuscaloosa, AL
MAA Chennai, IN
ICN Seoul Incheon, South Korea
TPE Taipei, Chinese Taipei
KIX Osaka Kansai, Japan
VIE Vienna, Austria
SHA Shanghai Hongqiao, China
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