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RADT 465: QC

Characteristics determining image quality: visibility factors Brightness & grayscale/contrast p.314
Characteristics determining image quality: Geometric factors Spatial resolution & distortion p.314
The function of contrast is to make details ____ visible p.314
HIGH contrast is ____ scale contrast short - few, very different, images/tissue densities p.314
LOW contrast is ____ scale contrast Long - many similar image/tissue densities p.314
Any combination of mA and exposure time that will produce a particular "mAs" will produce identical receptor exposure is know as Reciprocity law - if 10 mas is required to produce a given receptor exposure, all combinations should produce identical results: 100mA and 100ms, 200mA and 50ms, 300mA and 33ms. p.315
mAs is ____ proportional to receptor exposure directly p.315
mAs is a _____ factor regulating the number of of photons quantitative p.315
T/F: mAs has lots of impact on contrast F: Kvp p.315
_____ contrast refers to body tissue densities and their differential absorption of the x ray beam subject p.315
As distance between the x ray tube and the IR (SID) increases, exposure rate decreases according to the __________ law inverse square law p.315
Kv affects both ___ (energy/wavelength) and ___ of the x ray beam quality and quantity p.317
Kv regulates beam _______ and has a significant impact on image contrast in analog imaging quality/penetration p.317
Whatare some factors that determine production of scattered radiation Field size/beam restriction, kilovoltage, thickness/volume and density of tissues p.318
scatter radiation carries no useful information but adds ___ in the form of ___, thereby impairing visibility of detail noise, fog p.318
As the size of the x ray field is reduced, there are less area and tissue volume for ______ to be generated scatter radiation - reducing the field size takes the low energy photons out and only allows the high energy photons to get through causing less scatter radiation p. 320
scatter radiation i s a result of x ray photon interaction with tissue atoms via ____ scatter processes and adds quality degrading fog to the radiographic image Compton p.320
what are the 2 RADIATION PRODUCTION interactions bremsstrahlung & characteristic (worksheet)
T/F: all radiation production interactions start with an electron T: not a photon (worksheet)
incoming electrons slows around the nucleus in the target atom; what interaction bremsstrahlung (worksheet)
incoming electrons interact with any inner electron in the target atom characteristic - really want electron to react with the K (most inner shell) to get the most energy x ray (worksheet)
filtration _____ overall average energy of the x ray beam increases - taking out the low energy photons p.328
filtration has a total filtration of _____ mm Al equivalent 2.5 mm p328
Beam restriction ____ the production of scattered radiation and, consequently, _____ receptor exposure reduces, decreases p.332
what is the percentage for a single phase? 100% p.333
what is the percentage for a three-phase 6 pulse? 13% p.333
what is the percentage for a three-phase 12 pulse? 4% p.333
what is the percentage for a high frequency? less than 1% p.333
______ is the ability to manipulate the image after exposure postprocessing p.334
a ______ is a graphic representation of pixel value distribution demonstrating the number of pixels and their value histogram - remember all the information of the anatomy is between s1 and s2. there are 3 different types of histograms. p.334
what are the 2 types of AECs phototimer & ionization chamber pp.337
______ identifies grayscale values bit depth p.337
As SNR _____, noise in the form of graininess ______ decreases, increases p.337
_____ is used to automatically regulate the amount of ionizing radiation delivered through the anatomic part to the IR AEC p.337
____ utilizes selection of anatomic part, rather than selection of specific technical factors. APR p.341
________ is the term used to describe the IR's impact on image detail spacial resolution p.348
Digital image resolution improves with .... smaller pixel size, smaller pixel pitch, larger image matrix, greater pixel density p.348
spatial resolution factors for direct digital (DR) pixel pitch & DEL size of the TFT p.348
spatial resolution factors for indirect digital (CR) pixel pitch & sampling frequency p348
DQE stands for detective quantum efficiency p.349
As the matrix size is _____, there are more and smaller pixels in the matrix, therefore improved ___________ increased, spatial resolution p.349
_____ describes the percentage of incoming x ray photons that are deteced and absorbed by the detector for transformation to the x ray image DQE p.349
how can does one shorten the life span of the x ray tube? delivering heat to the x ray tube in a short period of time p.358
_____ focal spot size = ____ blur = ____ detail increase, increase,, decrease p.359
The use of a small/large focal spot size improves spatial resolution but generates more heat at the anode small p.359
CR resolution is improved by (3 things) smaller barium fluorohalide phosphors, narrow width laser beam, larger monitor matrix. p.370
___ is conversted to an electrical signal and transferred to the ADC; digital data are then transferred to DAC PSL p.375
____ is the most typical in extremity imaging PSP p.375
____s function to manipulate grayscale values to provide the appropriate grayscale rendition LUTs p.378
_________ compensates for too little/too great an exposure automatic rescaling p.378
low frequency, ___ wavelength, __ energy long, low p.389
high frequency, ___ wavelength, __ energy short, high p.389
X ray photons can (3 things) pass through part, be absorbed by the part, scatter within the part p.391
______ change mechanical energy to electrical energy Generators p.394
______ change electrical energy to mechanical energy motors p.394
AC consists of _____ waves sinusoidal p.395
X ray tube consits of what 3 things anode (positive electrode), cathode (negative electrode), glass envelope (vacuum) p.408
The anode has a ____ disk with beveled edge, ____ alloy focal track, ____ stem for support for anode disk Graphite/molybdenum, tungsten/rhenium, molybdenum. p.408
The induction motor does what 3 things rotates the anode, stator (outside the glass envelope), rotor (inside glass envelope). p.408
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