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West Africa Vocab

Important words connected to what we are going to be learning about West Africa.

Human-Environment Interaction How humans affect the environment and how the environment affects humans
Command Economy Government controls the economy
Traditional Economy Economy where customs guide trade
Market Economy No rules or regulations (economy is strictly based off of supply and demand)
Mixed Economy Government and supply and demand have a say in the economy (some rules and regulations)
Trade Route A route, such as a river, that is a center for trade and embargo for other civilizations to be able to trade
Trans-Saharan Trade Trade that required humans from the north and south to trade and go through Ghana to get to the side of the trade
Taxes The amount of money a human owes to the government
Kingdom of Ghana A kingdom that became rich through trans-Saharan trade because they taxed goods going in and out of the region (because it was in the middle of Africa)
Wangara A kingdom in Africa that was very rich because they had a lot of gold that were found in their secret gold mines that they never revealed to other civilizations
Natural Resource A resource found in nature that helps humans survive
Sahel A region in the northern part of Africa that is considered to be a semi-desert
Sahara Desert A vast desert in north Africa that made travel difficult through the region until the introduction of the camel for trade
Savanna A grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions, with few trees.
Tribute Tribute was a payment to the ruler that conquered a person in which they excepted the king's authority
Population Growth A growth of population in people in a certain area or region
Extended Families Early farming communities were made up of these
Government A governing body or system in a nation or region
Monarchy A government in which a supreme ruler rules and makes all the decisions (the family line rules)
Taghaza A region in Africa that had a lot of salt and became successful in trans-Saharan trade because other regions didn't have salt and they did (they could trade for stuff they needed in exchange for the salt they mined