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Biology Unit 2 Roqui

Biology Unit 2 Terms

a characteristic or feature of an organism. trait
is doxyribonucleic acid, a chemical found in cells that carries gentic info. DNA
control heredity, the transfer of characteristics from parents to offspring, and determine the gentic traits that will be expressed. genes
are structures composed of genes that are linked togerhter: they come in pairs chromosomes
is a form of asexual reproduction that is needed for the growth and repair fo cells mitosis
chromosomes shorten and become visivle, then the nuclear membrane begins to deteriorate. prophase
the chromosomes line up in the center of the cell metaphase
the chromosomes separate in half, are pulled away from the center, and move ot the opposite ends of the cells anaphase
the chromosomes lengthen, each group reaches one of hte centrioles, and the spindle fibers disintegrate telophase
is the process that produces sex cells meiosis
chromosomes shorten and vecome visible, hte nuclear membrane deteriorates, and the spindle fibers appear. prophase I
the homologous chromosomes line up along the center of the cell and spindle fisbers attach to them. metapahse I
the homoloyous chromosomes separate. these chromosomes move towards opposet sides of the cell anaphase I
in the final pase of meisisI hte cell divides in to two cells. each of the two cells has one double stranded chromosome forom each of the homologous chromosome pairs. telophase I
what is the order of the stages in meiosis prophase I metaphase I anapahse I telophase I
what is the order of the stages in mitosis prophase metaphase anaphase telophase
what is used to express dominant traits capital case letters
what is used to express receseve traits lower case letters
an individual will have a pair of these alleles such as Rr, RR, or rr, representing his or her genotype
the actual trait or characteristic that is expressed is called the phenotpe
... are used to find the probabiliy that an offspring will express a certain trait alleles and genotypes
the probability that an offspring will express a certanin trait are placed in a chart called a punnet square
what goes on top of a punnet square male parent's alleles
what goes on the left side of a punnet square female parent's alleles
is when two alleles in a genotype are both fully expressed in the phenotype and shows no dominance over each other co-dominance
is when two alleles mix to form a phenotype that is a combination of the two traits. incomplete dominance
traits that are controlled by interactions between more than one pair of genes polygenic traits
are located on the same chromosome, so they will be inherited together. linked genes
are carried on the X or Y chromosomes, which are the chromosomes that determine sex sex-linked genes
is used to predict different combinations of genotypes di-hybrid cross
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