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vocab. U1-3 review

vocab U1-3

adjacent near, or next to
alight to get down from
barren non productive;bare
disrupt to break up or disturb
dynasty a powerful family of rulers that maintains its power for a long time
foretaste an advance indication;sample or warning
germinate to begin to grow;to come into being
humdrum dull;boring
hurtle to rush violently;to fling or hurl forcefully
insinuate to suggest or hint slightly
interminable endless, so long to seem almost endless
interrogate to ask questions;to question thourohly
recompense to pay back
renovate to repair,restore or keep in good condition
resume a brief summary of one's education or backround
sullen silent or brooding
trickle to flow or fall in a small stream
trivial not important;minor
truce a pause in fighting
vicous evil, bad, spiteful or having bad habits
available ready 4 use
cater to satisfy needs of
customary usual or daily routine
dissuade to persuade not 2 do something
entreprenuer a person who starts a biz
firebrand a peice of burning wood or a trouble maker
hazard risk or peril
homicide the killing of a person by another
indifference lack of interest or concern
indignant filled with resentment or anger
indispensable absolutely vital
lubricate to apply oil or grease
mutual shared or felt
pelt to throw a stream of things;bombard
plague an easily spread disease
poised ready for action;calm and controlled
regime a government in power
retard to slow down the process of
transparent allowing light to pass through easily
unscathed unharmed
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