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Oncology II

Specific Cell Cycle Cytotoxic Drugs: Taxanes

What is the MOA of taxanes? - inhibits the microtubules during M-phase - similar MOA as vinca alkaloids
What is the common side effect of taxanes? - 2/2 to microtubules inhibition---> axonal transport in neurons --> peripheral sensory neuropathies
What is taxanes CLASS BOXED warning? - SEVERE infusion related hypersensitivity reaction and fatal anaphylaxis 2/2 to the solvent system - managed by premedication
What are some IMPORTANT consideration while dosing taxanes? - HEPATIC impairment - dose adjustment
What are some consideration if taxanes is to be given with platinum based therapies such as cisplatin and carboplatin? - cisplatin and carboplatin REDUCE the elimination of taxanes - SO GIVE taxanes BEFORE platinum based therapies
Which taxanes does NOT induce hypersensitivity reaction and fatal anaphylaxis upon administration? paclitaxel albumin bound ( abraxane) 2/2 no solvent system, however, its paclitaxel bound to albumin
which taxanes does NOT require premedication prior to administration? paclitaxel albumin bound ( no risk of hypersensitivity rxn)
Which taxanes require premedication prior to administration? which of them needs 3 days of premedication? - paclitaxel - docetaxel - cabazitaxel - *** 3 days of premedication: docetaxel
what are the recommendation for premedication in PACItaxel and CABAzitaxel induced infusion related hypersensitivity ? 3 Drugs: - duphenhydramine - corticostreoid - H2RA
what makes DOCEtaxel premedication plan different from other PACITaxel and CABAzitaxel? - 3 days of premedication with Corticosteroids - 1 day prior to docetaxael ( 1 steroid --> docetaxel--> 2 days of steroid)
What are the main concerns with using DOCEtaxel without premedication with corticosteroid ( dexamethasone) for 3 days? - FLUID RETENTION 1- pleural effusion ( fluid build up between lung and chest) 2- cardiac tamponade ( compression of the heart) 3- edema
What is a different concern using DOCEtaxel formulation? - some formulation has alcohol --> sxs of EtOH- intoxication
Which taxanes drug causes fluid retention? (BBW) DOCEtaxel (BBW)
What are some common taxanes CLASS BBWs? - Severe infusion related hypersensitivity rxn - myelosuppresion
What are some common side effects of taxanes? - peripheral sensory neuropathy - pain: myalgias, arthralgias - Hepatotoxicity ( dose adjustment ) *** - alopecia -
which taxanes causes less of these side effects? cabazitaxel
what are some IMPORTANT considerations while administrating the taxanes? -USE NON-PVC bag 2/2 DEHP ( softener of PVC) leaching
which taxanes can be administered with PVC bag? paclitaxel albumin bound
what is the recommended solvent system for the following taxanes? 1- paclitaxel 2- docetxael 1- polyoxyl35/polyoxethylated caster oil ( cremophor EL) 2- polusorbate 80
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