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Oncology II

Specific Cell Cycle Cytotoxic Drugs: Vinca Alkaloids

Which cell cycle stage dose vinca alkaloids interfere with? - M-phase - Mitosis ( cell divides into two daughter cells)
What is the MOA of vinca alkaloids? - inhibits the microtubules during the M phase
What are the COMMON SIDE EFFECT ( CLASS SIDE EFFECT) of vinca alkaloids? - peripheral and autonomic neuropathy
what are some examples of vinca alkaloids induced peripheral sensory neuropathy ? 1- paresthesia
what are some examples of vinca alkaloids induced autonomic neuropathy? - constipation - gastroparesis
what is the proposed MOA of vinca alkaloids induced peripheral or autonomic neuropathy? - vinca alkaloids targets the microtubules and inhibits them - Microtubules are important in axonal transport of neurons
which vinca alkaloids is associated with high risk of neurotoxicity ( neuropathy and CNS toxicity)? vinCRISTINE
Which vinca alkaloids is associated with high risk of bone marrow suppression ( myelosuppression? vinBLASTINE and vinorelBINE
What is the ONLY route of administration for vinca alkaloids? - IV ONLY ( ALLLLL AGENTS) fatal if other roa
What is the recommended management of vinca alkaloids induced extravasation? - vina Alkaloids: POTENT VESICANTS 1- WARM compressor 2- Hyaluronidase ( tx extravasation)
which Vina alkaloids are CYP 3A4 substrate? vinCRISTINE
what are some DDI with vinCRISTINE? and what's the proposed MOA? - proposed MOA: via CYP3A4 - DDI: Azole anti fungal - Result: increases the risk of toxicities ( peripheral neuropathy, seizure and paralytic ileum)
Which Vina alkaloids doesn't induce myelosuppression? - vincristine
Which vina alkaloids has the highest risk of inducing myelosuppression? Vinblastine and vinorelbine
what are some common recommendation to prevent/minimize the risk of vincristine induced neurotoxicity ( CNS and neuropathy)? dose capped at 2 mg/dose
What are some recommendation to prevent VINCRISTINE inadvertent administration intrathecally IT ? - prepare vincristine in small IV bag ( piggy back) - NEVER in Syringe
Why is VINCRISTINE administered IV ONLY and NEVER IT? - IT administration ---> progressive paralysis and death
What are some common side effects of Vina alkaloids? - peripheral sensory neuropathy ( paresthesias) - autonomic neuroapthy - SIADH
What is the common BBW of ALLLL vina alkaloids? vesicants
Which other class of cell cycle specific cytotoxic drug target M-phase? - taxanes BOTH taxanes and Vinca alkaloids target M-phase
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