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Oncology II

Non-Specific Cell Cycle Cytotoxic Drugs: Alkylating Agents

What are common non- specific cell cycle cytotoxic agnets? - Anthracylcines - Platinum agents - Alkylating agents
What are common specific cell cycle cytotoxic agents? - based on the cell cycle phase
What are some common targeted chemotherapies( recognized specific biomarkers? - TKIs - Monoclonal Ab
What is the MOA of Alkylating agent? ( introduce alkyl radical ) - cross linking DNA strands ----> inhibits protein synthesis and DNA synthesis
what is some possible off -target outcomes of using alkylating agent? DNA mutation --> 2nd malignancies ( acute leukemia)
what is the proposed MOA of Ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide toxicity ( hemorrhagic cystitis? - build up of the active metabolites ( acrolein)
What is the management approach in ifosfamide/cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis? - hydration - mesna chemo-protective
what is an important consideration while using Carmustine? - non PVC bag/tube
what is an important consideration while using Dacarbazine ? light sensitive ( decompose pink)
what is an important consideration while using procarbazine? avoid MOA inhibitor
what is an important consideration while using Lomustine? avoid more than ONE dose / 6 weeks 2/2 overdosed fatal toxicity
BBW of all alkylating agents? myelosuppression
Which drug BBW of hemorrhagic cystitis? Ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide --- BBW
which drug BBW of pulmonary toxicities ? carmustine ---BBW
which drug BBW of neurotoxicity? Ifosfamide --BBW
Which drug BBW of hepatic necrosis? dacarbazine --BBW
which alkylating agent causes pulmonary toxicity ( side effect) vs. pulmonary toxicity ( BBW) ? BBW: carmustine side effect: carmustine, lomustine, busulfan
which alkylating agent causes pulmonary fibrosis ? carmustine, lomustine, busulfan
which alkylating agent causes Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH)? cyclophosphamide
what is the classification of alkylating agent in trem of CINV? moderate- high emetogenic
what are some common side effects of alkylating agents? - alopecia - mucositis - 2nd malignancies - nephortoxicity
which alkylating agent causes hepatotoxicity? bendamustine
which alkylating agent causes hepatotoxicity vs. hepatic necrosis ( BBW)? bendamustine vs. dacarbazine
The use of alkylating agents causes reactivation of of which infections? - CMV - TB - HCV - HBV
List the common alkylating agents? phosphamide: cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide , temozolomide Mustine: carmustine, lomustine, bendamustine Carbazine: dacarbazine and procarbazine amine: altretamine and mechlorethamine an: Busulfan, melphalan
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