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Unit 4 test

Northwest Food source Sea and forest
Southwest Food source Farming
Plains Food source Buffalo
Eastern Food source Forest and farming
Northwest Shelter Wooden plank homes on poles
Southwest Shelter Pueblo
Plains Shelter Teepee
Eastern Shelter Longhouse
Northwest Triditions Potlaches
Southwest Triditions Sand painting
Plains Triditions Winter count and coup stick
How are Native Americans in North America alike? They had love and nature and they had no concept of land leadership
How were Native American and North America diffrent? Their triditions and Their homes
What is the result of alska Native Claims Settlement act? In 1971 the Natives in Alaska got 44 million acers.
Be able to explain a potlatch ceromony. Feast,guests,gifts
How was the Iroquois Confedercy was established. Union of tribes for peace
Be able to name 4 ways the nativesused buffalo How and Why
Know where horses came from that were on the plains Spanish-helping to hunt buffalo
Created by: The Yeeter