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Unit 2 Terms

Core Concepts of Technology

is a group of interrelated components designed collectively to achieve a desired goal. system
involves considering how every part of a system relates to others for a common purpose. Systems thinking
include input, processes, output, and at times, feedback. Technological systems
often requires human intervention open-loop systems
is a control system that uses feedback from the output to control the input closed-loop system
is a system whose properties are not fully explained by an understanding of its component parts. complex system
List the 7 resources of technology 1) tools, machines and processes, (2) materials, (3) people, (4) capital, (5) energy, (6) time, and (7) information
is a process or methodology of designing or making a product, process, or system to the point at which it is the most fully functional, effective, or as near perfection as possible. Optimization
set the parameters for a design by identifying the key elements and features of what the product or system is and what it is supposed to do. criteria
are limits on a design. Constraints
involves a choice or exchange for one quality over another. Trade-off
is a planned process to ensure that a product, service, or system meets established criteria. Quality control
There are _____ core technologies 9
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