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What is the source of electrons within the x-ray tube? The heated cathode filament
Xray Production:The type of radiation where a high speed electron is deflected from its path, and the loss of kinetic energy is emitted in the form of an x-ray photon. Bremsstrahlung
Xray Production:The type of radiation where the high speed electron ejects a tungsten k-shell electron, leaving a k-shell vacancy. An electron from the L shell fills the vacancy and emits a ______ ray Characteristic
light, microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, and gamma rays are all part of the __________ electromagnetic spectrum
What is the velocity for all electromagnetic radiations 186,000 miles per second (3x10^8 m/s)
_______the number of cycles per second. Its unit of measurement is hertz Frequency
X-rays are considered______ radiation because they have the energetic potential to break apart electrically neutral atoms, resulting in the production of negative and/or positive ions. ionizing
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissues attenuation
Photon interactions with matter: a low-energy x-ray photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron, leaving an orbital vacancy. An electron from the shell above drops down to fill the vacancy and gives off energy to form a characteristic ray Photoelectric effect
Photon interaction with matter: high energy x-ray photon ejects an outer shell electron . Although the photon is deflected with somewhat reduced energy, it retains most of the original energy and exits the body as scatter Compton Scatter
Photon interaction with matter: an interaction between x-ray photons and matter in which no ionization occurs. Very low energy x-rays interact with the atom, disappears, and sets the atom into an excited state Coherent Scatter
electrical current flowing through a conductor in only one direction and with constant magnitude Direct Current
electrical current where amplitude and polarity of the current vary periodically over time Alternating Current
In the US, alternating current is generated at ______HZ each second. (consisting of positive half cycles and negative half cycles) 60
X-rays are produces when __________ are suddenly decelerated upon encountering the tungsten atoms of the anode. High-quality electrons
Converts mechanical energy to electrical energy Generator
Converts electrical energy to mechanical energy Motor
X-ray___________ is used to increase the incoming voltage to a more useful kilovoltage required for xray production transformer
Law: As voltage increases , current decreases proportionally. What is the equation Transformer law--- VS/VP=NS/NP OR NS/NP=IP/IS
_________ selects the amount of voltage sent to the transformer(kv selector), operates on the principle of self induction, requires AC for operation Autotransformer
__________ changes AC to unidirectional current and is located between the secondary coil of the high voltage transformer and the xray tube rectification system
Only the _______ of the waveform is used when taking an xray, creating a nearly constant potential current peak
What are the basic components within an xray tube anode, cathode, glass envelope
The anode is _______ charged electrode positive
the cathode is __________charged electrode negative
the cathode consists of what three things one or more filaments, their supporting wires, nickel focusing cup
The xray tube is a _____ because it has a negative electrode and a positive electrode diode
The anode is a 2-5 inch molybdenum of graphite disk with a focal track made of__________ Tungsten
Tungsten is the target material of choice because of what 3 things high atomic number, high melting point, and thermal conductivity
The ___________ consist of the stator and rotor , rotates the anode 3600-10000 rpm induction motor
What is most of the kinetic energy of the electron stream converted to? Heat, only .2% is actually converted into xray
_______ is use to express the degree of accumulation of anode head and determined by mA X sec X kV HU
______removes low-energy xrays from the primary beam filtration
Filtration does what to patient dose reduces
Filtration does what the energy of the beam increases
The primary side of the _____ voltage side low
The secondary side of the _____voltage side high
external supply connecting AC supply to xray unit master wall switch
prevents hazards from happening, safety mechanism to stop connection fuses
Used to get to 220 volts precisely line voltage compensator
reads the incoming line voltage line voltage meter
The KV selector that reads in 10's (70, 80,90,etc) Major kvp selector
The KV selector that reads in 1's (72,83,94,etc) Minor kvp selector
Calculates an estimated KV pre-reading kv meter
Closes circuit and makes the xrays fire exposure switch
Controls duration of the exposure exposure timer circuit
Resisters selecting how much resistance you want on resister MA selector
Selects large or small focal spot Focal spot selector
Supplies the electrons for thermonic emission Filament circuit
Controls direction of current, need 4 for full wave rectification (changes alternating current to direct current) diodes
Voltage waveform: What is the voltage ripple of a 1/2 wave 100%
Voltage waveform: What is the voltage ripple of a full wave 100%
Voltage waveform: What is the voltage ripple of a 3 phase 6 pulse wave 13%
Voltage waveform: What is the voltage ripple of a 3 phase 12 pulse wave 3-4%
Voltage waveform: What is the voltage ripple of high frequency wave <1%
Voltage waveform: What is the most expensive High frequency
Voltage waveform: True or False: The less percent of voltage ripple, the better it is for the patient dose True
X-ray Tube: What is enclosed within the glass envelope Focal track, anode, filaments, focusing cup, cathode, rotor
X-ray Tube: What is outside of the glass envelope Stator
X-ray Tube: What does the input phosphor do Converts x-rays to light photons
X-ray Tube: What does the photo cathode do Converts light photons to electrons
X-ray Tube: What does the output phosphor do Converts the electrons to brighter light photons
X-ray Tube: What is XLEL X-ray> Light photons> Electrons> Light photons
What is the input phosphor made of Cesiumiodide
What is the output phosphor made of Zinc CADIUM SULFIDE
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