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Chapter 9

Client Care, Chapter 9, Pivot Point Esthetics

Greeting, Ask/Analyze/Asses, Agreement, Delivery, Completion 5 Phases of Service
Greeting Phase Establish Rappaport
Ask, Analyze, Asses Phase Determine wants and needs. Offer professional advice.
Agreement Phase Clarify Expectations.
Delivery Phase Perform treatment/services
Completion Phase Ask for feedback, re-book, home care and retail sales
Key pieces of a Client Consultation form Personal Information, Medical history, Personal Skin Evaluation, Professional Skin Evaluation , Treatment record
Client Consultation Form Form that gives the esthetician an overview of what the client may be using at home, what their skin concerns are and what treatments have been used in the past.
Allergen Substance or ingredient likely to cause an allergic reaction.
Environmental allergens Pollen, mold, animal dander and saliva, food, etc. Clients with these can often show increased sensitivity to products and stimulation of the skin.
Oral Antibiotics Can create dryness and increased sensitivity.
Steroids Thins the skin and create increased sensitivity.
Accutane and Vitamin A (such as Retin A, Renova, and Adapalene) Clients who are being treated with this should not receive treatments that include chemicals, harsh exfoliants, waxing or excess steam.
Pregnant These clients should be treated with care and should never receive treatments that include electricity.
Heart conditions/high blood pressure Avoid electrical current. Treatments that increase body temperature and promote circulation should also be avoided.
Epilepsy, Pacemakers, Joint replacements, prosthetics, metal plates and pins These clients should never receive treatments with electricity.
Smoking Robs nutrients and oxygen from the skin.
Exercise Promotes a healthy body and skin by increasing circulation and promoting detoxification.
Treatment Record Allows esthetician to document specifics such as current treatments, products and noticeable changes in skin for each visit.
Home Care Accounts for 80% of the condition of clients skin.
Retail sales Generally accounts for 15-30% of service dollars.
Follow up calls Recommended to be done within 72 hours of service. Allows client to express dissatisfaction and gives the esthetician chance to learn how to improve.
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