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word list:36


philanthropist lover of mankind
philatelist stamp collector
philistine narrow minded person
philology study of language
phlegmatic calm
phoenix symbol of immortality
physiognomy face
piebald of different colors,mottled,spotted
piecemeal one part at a time,gradually
pied varigated,multicolored
piety devoutness,reverence for God
pillage loot,plunder
pillory punish by placing in a wooden frame,subject to critism and ridicule
pine languish,decline,long for,yearn
pinion restrain
piquant pleasantly tart-tasting,stimulating
pique(n) irritation
pique(v) provoke/arouse/annoy
piscatorial pertaining to fishing
pith core/essence/substance
pithy concise/meaningful/substantial/meaty
pittance a small allowance
placate pacify/concilate
placebo harmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill
plagiarize steal another's idea and pass them off as one's own
plaintive mournful
plait braid.intertwine
platitude flat or trite remark,commonplace statement
platonic purely spiritual,theoritical,without sensual desire
plaudit enthusiatic approval,round of applause
plausible having a show of truth but open for doubt,specious
plebeian common
plenary complete/full
plentitude abundance
plethora excess
pliable flexible,pliant
plight condition
pluck courage
plumb(v) examine critically in order to understand,measure depth by sounding
plumb(adj) vertical
plummet fall sharply
plutocracy society ruled by the wealthy
poignancy quality of being deeply moving,keenness of emotion
polemic controversy
politic prudent,expedient,well devised
polyglot speaking several languages
pomposity excessive self-esteem
ponderous weighty,unwieldy,clumsy,lacking grace
pontificial pertaining to bishop/pope,pompous/pertentious
portend fortell,presage
portent sign,omen,forewarning
portly stout,corpulent
poseur person who pretends to be sophisticated to impress others
posterity descendents
posture assume an affected pose,acting artificially
potable suitable for drinking
potent powerful,persuasive
potentate monarch,sovereign
potion dose of liquid
potpouri heterogenous mixture,medley
poultice soothing application applied to sore and inflamed portions of the body
pragmatic practical
prate speak foolishly,boast idly
prattle babble(talk excessively and meaningless with sounds),childish talk etc
precarious uncertain,risky
Created by: physio_sambit