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18 Light (Ch. 18)

Chapter 18 Light Prentice Hall Science Explorer

black If all the colors of light are absorbed, you see the color_.
coherent Laser light consists of waves that all have the same wavelength or color. The waves are_ or in step making a sharp narrow beam of light.
compound When I look in a box and I see a bunch of identical molecules made of two or more different atoms.
concave A ___ mirror like a makeup mirror makes images larger and the mirror curves inward.
convex A ___ mirror is fatter in the middle and makes object smaller then they actually are. Passenger mirror says "warning objects are closer then they appear".
diffuse When parallel rays of light hit a rough surface, _ reflection occur. Each light ray obeys the laws of reflection but hit at different angles and reflect at different angles so you don't see a clear reflection (puddle with ripples)
element When I look in the box and I see either a bunch of individual atoms and they all are identical. Or a bunch of identical molecules of only one atom.
farsighted A __ person cannot see nearby things clearly, but can see objects at a distance clearly.
hologram A ___ is a three-dimensional photograph created by using the light from a laser. The image can appear to move.
index The ___ of refraction is a measure of how much a ray of light bends when it enters a material. If two materials have the same number, no bending takes place. Air is 1.0 and water is 1.33.
lens A __ is a curved piece of glass or other transparent material used to refract light
mirage A ___ is a curved piece of glass or other transparent material used to refract light
nearsighted A ___ person can see nearby things clearly, but objects at a distance are blurred.
opaque A ___ material does not transmit light. The light is either reflected off the object or absorbed by the object.
optical fibers ____ are long thin strands of glass or plastic that carry light for long distances without allowing the light to escape. Telephone signals are faster and clear and one of these can carry thousands of phone conversations.
pigments ___ are paints that absorbs some light and reflects other colors. The more_ mix the darker and blacker the object looks as more colors are absorbed.
primary Red, Green, and Blue are the ___colors of light. The three together make the color white and secondary colors.
prisms Water droplets act like tiny prism where each wavelength is refracted by a different amount causing you to see a rainbow.
reflecting A ___ telescope has the eye piece in the MIDDLE of the telescope because it uses mirrors.
reflects The color of an opaque object is the color it ____.
refracting A ____ telescope has the eye piece AT THE END of the telescope and bends the light rays.
regular When parallel rays of light his a smooth surface, ___ reflection occurs and the reflection is sharp. smooth lake.
thicker A convex lens is ___ in the middle. A magnifying lens is a convex lens.
thinner A concave lens is___in the middle and makes objects smaller. A camera lens is a concave lens.
total internal ___ reflection is the complete reflection of light by the inside surface of a medium like glass.
translucent A ___ transmits (lets go through) light but the light is scattered and the object appears cloudy like a shower curtain.
transmits The color of a transparent or translucent object is the color of the light it ____.
transparent A ___ material transmits (lets go through) light that strikes it and the light passes right through without being scattered.
virtual The image you see in a plane (flat) mirror is an upright image that does not really exist and the image appears to be behind the mirror.
white If all the colors of light are reflected, you see the color___.