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Geography 2

What environment does exfoliation often occur in? often occurs in deserts due to the extreme change in temperature between day and night.
What environment does freeze thaw action occur in? often occurs in high mountainous areas.
Where does organic action take place? often occurs in gutters, lakes, swamps or rivers but mainly anywhere that vegetation has access to water and nutrients.
What Formula makes up weak acid? rain water + carbon dioxide
What formula makes up oxidation? water + oxygen + iron
What formula makes up organic action? water + decaying vegetation
In the category aesthetic value what examples might it talk about? Natural beauty and the way it presents itself.
In the category economic value what examples might it talk about? Urban( modern), tourism, agriculture and business and industry.
In the category Emotional value what examples might it talk about? Long term attachment ( when you live at a place and then move) and family or events (when you visit a certain place with your family annually or every christmas you like to stay near a certain place)
In the category spiritual value what examples might it talk about? Could mean certain beliefs or theories relative to a pace and religious or traditional importance belonging to an original lanscape.
Is erosion passive or active? Active because sediment/rock is moved by wind, water or ice
Is weathering passive or active? Passive because a landform is created/altered where it stands.
What are the three main types of physical weathering? Temperature change, freeze thaw action and organic action.
Why do earthquakes occur? They occur when energy has built up in the earth's crust and is released.
What are shock waves? Are waves that retract energy from the fault line in all directions.
What are the six factors that influence the extent of damage? Distance from the epicentre (strongest place), preparation (building design), population density (amount of people in an area), time of day (people exposed), season (winter is colder and worse) and type of land (reclaimed land is less stable).
How are tsunamis created? As the subducting oceanic plate moves beneath the overriding plate they become locked. Pressure builds until the rocks fracture along the fault line. Causing earthquakes to infrastruct at the base of the oceanic plate. This movement creates giant waves.
Why is the himalayas considered a fold mountain? The Himalayas are considered fold mountains because fold mountains are formed when two tectonic plates collide with one another and the himalayas are on the boarder of the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. Which share a collision plate boundary.
What's the difference between an oceanic ridge and an oceanic trench? The difference between the two is that a trench is a deep depression bordering a continent or an island arc; it forms when one oceanic plate slides beneath a continental plate.
Why does Uluru have potholes? Scientifically speaking, Uluru has potholes because of water erosion, in some areas of the rock it is stronger. So, when it rains less erosion takes place causing little damage like potholes. Aboriginals believe the potholes were left by spears.
Why do earthquakes occur? Earthquakes occur when energy has built up in the earth's crust and is released. Commonly at plate margins but can occur elswhere.
What are shockwaves? Shockwaves are compressed waves of high amplitude caused by an earthquake or explosion to the medium through which the wave travels. They go out in all directions and aren’t evenly spread.
What are the factors that influence the extent of damage? The distance from the epicentre, preparation-like building design, population density-the amount of people in an area, time of day-what light and how exposed people are, season-winter is colder and type of land-reclaimed land is less stable.
Created by: gunthel
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