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OM Call Cards 2009

Order Management call cards

Accounting; CXL-PT SNDCHK Will be used when a CSA or Technician must cancel or profile an order after a customer has stated that they are mailing in a check.
Accounting; OK2CC Documents customer's OK to bill the credit card.
Cust Svc; Cancel Order If the customer would like to cancel a new prescription from an order.
Cust Svc; Rtn Hard Copy Customer would like original prescription(s) returned back to them. (Rx must be profiled, never filled, and not on same H/C as filled prescription.
HIPAA; Verbal Desig Used to document that a customer has authorized another individual to conduct business on their behalf
OM AdvCust; DB/SVQ/DAW Used when making an out-call to obtain clarification on diabetic supply preference (brand, type, etc), sig vs. qty and DAW preference.
OM AdvCust; DO NOT SEND Used when customer does not want us to send order, and want us to keep prescription on file.
OM AdvCust; OK TO SEND Used when customer gave us the ok the send order.
OM AdvCust; Order Delay Used to inform customer of a delay in their order, most likely due to waiting for a response from their MD on a particular issue.
OM AdvCust; Out of Stock Used to document discussion with customer regarding out-of-stock item and how the customer wants to proceed.
OM AdvCust; P/A Used to document customer's request to start the Prior Auth process for nonformulary medication, and the customer's approval to ship if the Prior Auth is approved.
Cust Svc; Order Inquiry Retitle Card to DAW Medications. DAW 2 documentation "p/pt verbal brand name only on medication(s)"
OM AdvCust; TIPS Used to document discussion regarding strength substitutions and price difference, or unavailable items with possible alternatives
OM ADV MDO; CII Outbound call to MD to ask clarification from doctor about CII medication.
OM ADV MDO; FAILED FAX Used to document a fax sent to the doctor's office did not go through, and the date/time we refaxed to the correct fax number.
OM ADV MDO; MD Info Used to obtain MD's personal info from the MD, such as NPI, fax number, etc.
OM ADV MDO; RxQuestn 1st 1st attempt to contact the doctor's office to verify information on a prescription.
OM ADV MDO; RxQuestn 2nd 2nd attempt to contact the doctor's office to verify information on a prescription.
OM ADV MDO; RxQuestn 3rd 3rd attempt to contact the doctor's office to verify information on a prescription.
OM ADV MDO; TIPS Used to obtain authorization from MD to dispense alternatives for dc'd meds or pricing difference
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