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Geography trems

Gepgraphy terms by 0963

Suq a marketplace in parts of southwest Asia and North Africa
5 Parts of the Map Grid, Key,Comass Rose, Title, Scale
Shah King
Continentts of the Wrold N+S America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antracia
9 planets Earth,Mars,Venus,PLuuto,Jupitar,Uranus,Merecy,Neptun,Saturn
Secularism the indifference religion
Muslim someone who believes in islam
Theocracy A country governed by religious law.
Peninsula a landfor borded by water on three sides
Meteorologist someone who studies the weather
Mosque Islamic place to worship.
Minaret the tower of the mosque.
Lithosphere the solid surface of the planet that forms the continents and the ocean floor.
Hydrosphere the physical system made up of Earth's water.
Furrow a narrow trench made by a plow.
Biosphere the part of the Earth in which all of the plants and animals life exists.
Bedouins a migrating herder of Sothwest Asia.
Catographer a person you makes and studies maps.
Atmosphere the layer of gases that surrounds our Earth.
Archipelago a large group of islands.
Escarpment a steep slope cape by a plateau.
Intermediate Directions northeast,northwest,southeast,southwest
Cardinal Directions north.south,east,west
5 Geographic Themes location,place,movement,region,human enviroment interaction
2 main branches of geography human and physical geography
Geography Earth and the people who live on it
Parts of the Earth crest,mantal,core
Pillare of Islam belief in one god,pray,charcity,fasting,pilimege to mecca
PLO the leader of the Paestnan cause is parsaind farther negotiation for palestina self rule with Israel
Animism a religious belief that honors the memories of ancestors and holds water animals trees moutions and other objects in nature have spirits
Created by: maddog