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DE Chapter 5

Drivers Ed

Speedometer Speed you’re traveling (mph and km).
Fuel Gauge Amount of fuel in tank.
Hazard Flasher Control Lights Located on steering column or instrument panel. Warn others your vehicle is a hazard.
Seat Belt Warning Light Reminds you to fasten your seat belt.
Temperature Light or Gauge Warns you when the coolant in the engine is too hot
Alternator Light or Gauge Warns that the battery is being drained/not generating enough electricity to run the vehicle
Selector Lever On steering column or console; selects gear and can be automatic or stick shift.
Parking Brake Keeps the vehicle in place when parked.
Accelerator Pedal Located to the right of the foot-brake, increases a vehicles speed.
Head Restraints Padded devices on the back of seats to help reduce whiplash.
High Beam Light The brightest setting of a vehicle's headlights that covers a great distance. To be used in very low visibility but not fog!
Visor Located above windshield to help control sun glare.
ABS System Tells you if your anti-lock braking system is working properly and keeps the wheel from locking if you brake hard.
How to use/move the turn signal lever to turn right or left Move the lever up to signal a right turn/lane change, and move the lever down to signal a left turn/lane change.
Inside Checks Make sure the adjust your seat and mirrors to correct positions and put on your safety belt.
Outside Checks Check tires and lights on car and have your keys in hand when checking.
How to enter a vehicle Walk around the front of your vehicle to see oncoming traffic and get inside quickly, locking the doors.
Gravity Force that pulls all things down to Earth.
Kinetic Energy and how it affects braking and turning The energy an object acquires as it moves, it affects distance of stopping based on your speed and weight.
Traction Frictional force created by tread, allows vehicle to grip the road, steer and stop.
Tread Grooved surface of a tire that grips the road.
Hydroplaning Water going through the treads, allowing traction.
Stopping Distance Distance you have to stop.
What affects Perception, Reaction, and Braking Distance Weather, Speed, Car condition, Driver ability
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