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geography of Canada

Canadian Shield one of the world's largest geologic continental shields, centered on Hudson Bay and extending for 8 million square km or 3 million miles it covers most of central,north eastern and eastern Canada
Arctic Ocean an area of 5,427,000 square miles. ... Fast ice is the ice that forms during the winter it also has a large variety of animal life in this ocean.
Hudson Bay This is the main body of water that the Canadian shield surrounds it is a body of saltwater with a size of 474,900 miles.
the great lakes This includes Lake Erie, Lake superior , lake Hudson , lake Ontario , and lake Michigan These lakes are shared between Canada and the U.S. they are large freshwater and a main source of freshwater for Canada.
Atlantic Ocean This is a large body of water to the east of Canada having this makes trading a lot more efficient to trade with countries in Europe,Asia,Africa and Australia.
St. Lawrence Strait This is a main shipping port for Canada due to its connection to the Atlantic ocean making it easy to ship out items to other countries.
Pacific Ocean This is the ocean to the west of Canada it is also needed for trade with other countries in south or north america.
Rocky mountains This is a mountain range in western Canada reaching from British Columbia to new mexico in the U.S.
Alberta This province is 660,000 kilometers in area and it also shares the largest beaver dam with Saskatchewan .
British Columbia This provinces is known for many things one being its mountains and it is located in the westernmost of Canada
Manitoba The population is over 1 million and the area is over 250,000 miles with many rivers lakes and mountains
New Brunswick This is a province with a continental climate with a population of 761,000 with many forests rivers and mountains very close to Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador It used to be independent but than later in 1949 joined Canada to be ------------and Labrador
Nova Scotia This is an area almost completely surrounded by water it is in southeast Canada very close to Brunswick
Ontario The second largest provinces in Canada 415,000 miles in area with most of this mass covered in lakes
Quebec This provinces is the biggest in Canada it is 644,000 miles in area and it has a population of 8 million it is also bordering the St. Lawrence strait
Saskatchewan It is most known for its cold winters and natural resources such as grain farming
Prince Edward island This island is completely surrounded by water very close to nova Scotia and new Brunswick
Yukon Territory This territory has an arctic climate and it can drop below 30 Celsius it is located in the most northwestern Canada
Northwest Territory This territory is in northwest Canada next to Yukon territory and it has a warmer climate than the other territories next to it .
Nunavut This became a official territory in 1999 and only 33,330 people live there
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