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Process Human activities used to create, invent, design, transform, produce, control, maintain, and use products or systems; a sequence of actions that combines resources to produce an output.
Nanotechnology The science and technology of building devices, such as electronic circuits, from single atoms and molecules.
Biotechnology All the technology connected with plant and animal life.
Engineering Using technological and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
Construction The act or process of building, erecting, or creating buildings, roads, or other structures.
Energy The ability to do work. One of the basic resources used by a technological system.
Math The science of patterns and order and the study of measurement, properties, and the relationships of quantities using numbers and symbols.
Artifact A human-made object.
Industrial Of, relating to, or resulting from any general business, manufacturing or technical activity.
Communication The transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals.
Invention A new product, system, or process that has never existed before, created by study and experimentation.
Manufacturing The process of making a raw material into a finished product; especially in large quantities.
Science The study of our natural world through observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanations.
Ergonomics The study of workplace equipment design or how to arrange and design devices, machines, or workspace so that people and things interact safely and most efficiently.
Transportation The process by which passengers or goods are moved or delivered from one place to another.
Technology The way people use resources to meet their wants and needs.
Environment The surroundings in which a person, animal, or plant lives.
System A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements or parts that function together as a whole to accomplish a goal.
Innovation An improvement of an existing technological product, system, or method of doing something.
Agriculture The raising of crops and animals for food, feed, fiber, fuel, or other useful products.
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