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Human Body - Muscles

Types of contractions, muscles and movements

How many muscles in the human body? 600
Types of muscles Skeletal, smooth & cardiac
What are skeletal muscles? These muscles are attached to the skeleton, they are voluntary because they are consciously controlled eg. bicep, abdominals, deltoids
What are smooth muscles These muscles re found in layers deep within the body. They are not attached to the skeleton and are not involved in movement. These muscles are involuntary. eg. intestine
Cardiac Muscle This is the heart muscle. It is involuntary. It contracts and relaxes to push blood around the body
Why are skeletal muscles important? Movement, regulation of body temperature & good posture
What is a tendon? A piece of connective tissue that attaches skeletal muscles to bone. The tendon runs through the muscles, attaching the muscle to two different bones
What are the two arrangements of Skeletal Muscle Fibres? Fusiform & Pennate
Characteristics of fusiform fibres Fibres run parallel to the tendon. They have a wide range of movement but they are not very strong
Characteristics of Pennate Muscle Arrangements Fibres run at angle to the tendon. They have a much better capacity to develop strength but they are not flexible. They can be uni-pennate, bi-pennate and multi-pennate
Define Isotonic Eccentric Contractions and give an example Tension develops in the muscle and the muscle changes length. An eccentric contraction means the muscle becomes longer . Eg. downwards phase of a squat - looking at the quadriceps.
Define Isotonic Concentric Contraction and give an example Tension develops in the muscle and the muscle changes length. A concentric contraction means the muscle becomes shorter. Eg. upwards phase of a bicep curl - looking at the bicep.
Define an Isokinetic Contraction and give an example This type of contraction can only be performed when using weight machines in the gym. The muscle length changes but the resistance/weight stays the same
What is important to note about Isometric contractions? They are not recommended for patients recovering from heart conditions as they place too much stress on the heart.
What are the characteristics of skeletal muscle Elasticity, Excitability, Extensibility & Contractibility
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