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Peripheral region:

Mezzogiorno Secondary Activities

Poor Primary sector Lacks natural resources eg oil gas minerals and water. Only small oil deposits of oil and gas are found in the region
Gas is imported from Algeria via large pipes . Hydroelectric power is very limited, as prolonged drought dries up rivers
Lack of agricultural diversity limits industries such as food processing. Olive oil and wine are produced from olives and grapes
Peripheral Location Far away from large urban markets: the southern tip is 1100km away from the capital.
Because of upland relief it is expensive and difficult to develop high quality road and rail links
building of the autostrada del sole connected the mezzogiorno to the north, but long distnace made transport expensive
Limited labour force, due to outward migration as people travel north for education.
The Vanoni plan aimed to attract inward investment to the region by making it more suitable for MNC's
Created by: Megan k