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primary activities

mezzogiorno region

Name one factor that limits primary activities in the mezzogiorno? Lack of natural resources
How could you describe the agricultural activity in this region? althought important to the economy of the mezzogiorno agriculture is generally unproductive and subsistent. Both physical and social factors have hindred the development of an efficient and profitable agricultural sector in the region.
name the two physical factors that hinder its development. Relief and climate.
What percentage of the region is dominated by the appenines? 85%
What animals are well adapted to the region? Goats and sheep are also better adapted to upland regfions and also have better balance for grazing on steep slopes
How many hectares of land are irrigated in the region due to drought and low rainfall? 1 million hectares
Has this irrigation benefited the region? Despite goverment invstment in irrigation , high evaporation rates and decreases in river volume during the summer months mean it is not sustainable for the future
in the 1950s what percentage of the population worked in agriculture 70%
Created by: Laura_obrien123