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Miscellaneous Quiz

What is Ska style of music? Reggae and Rock
What are the three primary colors? Red, Blue, and Yellow
When does a Spotted Skunk do a handstand? Before it sprays you
What is the difference between a Tabby cat and a Toyger? The Toyger is bred to look like a tiger, the Tabby is not. Also, a Tabby isn't a breed.
What type of gecko can't climb on flat vertical surfaces? Leopard Gecko
How do you get rid of the stench of skunk spray after it sprays you? A bath in tomato juice
What kind of gecko sells car insurance? Giant Day Gecko
What animal has the strongest kick? Kangaroo
Why is wasabi sauce slightly bearable? No oil
What is the longest snake in the world? Reticulated Python
What is the smallest measure of data on a computer? A Bit
Created by: Eszet1