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Mixed Up Files Ch1-3

Vocabulary for the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basic E. Frankweiler

procedure (n) an official way of doing something
mutual (adj) held in common by two or more parties
impatient (adj) having the tendency to be quickly irritated
quarrel (v) to have an angry argument
caution (n) care taken to avoid danger or mistakes
obvious (adj) easily understood; clear or apparent
monotony (monotonous) (n) lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition
complement (v) adds to something in a way that improves it
temptation (n) a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise
exhaustion (n) extreme weakness or tiredness
elegant (adj) tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, or design
inconspicuous (adj) not noticeable or prominent
condemn (v) to express an unfavorable judgement on; show strong disapproval
precious (adj) of high price or great value
recognize (v) to perceive as true; to realize
trait (n) an adjective that describes a character in a literary text and expresses a specific quality about the character- ex. selfish, industrious, humorous
acknowledge (v) to disclose agreement with; to recognize as valid
connection (n) a relationship or association between one or more individuals, ideas, or events
contribute (v) to be an important fact in; help to cause
delineate (n) to describe or outline with precision