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Drug Awareness

Drug Awareness Vocab

addict person with a strong & out of control need to do or want something harmful
alcohol liquid in liquors such as beer, wine, or whiskey that can make a person drunk
balanced diet food that includes all the necessary ingredients for good health
binge a short period of time when a person does too much of something
cancer disease caused by cells in the body that grow abnormally
choice making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities
consequence an act that follows something as an effect, result, or outcome
drug-free term that describes people who do not use illegal drugs
fatal causing death
goal a desire that is put into action with a plan
hangover headache and nausea caused by too much alcohol hours before
healthy lifestyle positive way of living based on choices made about daily habits
high expectations strong beliefs that positive results will be achieved
illegal drug drug against the law to buy, sell, or use like marijuana or cocaine
intoxicated having so much alcohol that normal thinking & acting becomes impossible; drunk
just say no what a person should remember to do when asked to take an illegal drug
legal drug a drug that is allowed for use as a medicine
overdose taking too much of any kind of drug
peer pressure strong feeling that a person must do the same things as other people the same age
pharmacy a store where drugs are prepared and sold for use as medicines
physical fitness the body's ability to function well when being active
pledge a serious promise or agreement
prescription a doctor's written order for the use of medicine
rehabilitation getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, usually at a special place
respect to admire someone or treat something well
side effect effect a drug or medicine has in addition to the main effect
substance abuse a pattern of harmful use of any legal or illegal substance
tobacco a plant with leaves containing nicotine that has been prepared to be smoked or chewed
withdrawal negative symptoms that occur once the use of an addictive drug is stopped
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